Signs You're An Internet Kid

There are several factors of me that are incredibly obvious. I am a journalist, as shown by my constant need to write and ask questions. I am an Anglophile, as shown by my complete love of the culture and inability to stop using British slang. I am an Internet kid, as shown by my completely ridiculous use of time on the web.

I don’t really know exactly when I started devoting my life to the Internet. I guess if I look for a definite date I would say the day I started this blog. That was the day I really started spending my time searching the Internet for myself. News articles, Tumblr, and other bloggers really became my life around then. I don’t think a day (unless you count camping adventures) has gone by where I’m not attached to my laptop, looking for the latest in celebrity gossip or checking CNN or responding to comments. I am an Internet kid, simple as that.

If you’re like my dad, who didn’t grow up with the culture I have, you are probably guilty of thinking I am addicted and am insane. I am not. Some people enjoy sports, others enjoy cooking, and I enjoy the expanse of knowledge and creativity that is the Internet. And that’s how I spend my time, trying to discover all four corners of the expansive web.Read More

So, Thank You Internet (March Guest Post)

It’s time for my March guest post! I have been building up the excitement for this for a week or so now and I am so excited to finally share it! This month I am excited to bring you Haley from Her Mirror! Haley is a new friend on the blogging scene, but I have grown incredibly close to her in such a short time! She is my Blogging Little Sis and it’s been amazing working together with her on this post. You’ll learn quickly while reading this that we have a lot in common. I know you will all fall in love with her as you read, so make sure to leave her super sweet feedback! So, here’s Haley, the fabulous March guest blogger about to grace your screen!


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Social Media: You’re Doing it Wrong

Like a lot of people of my generation I have a laptop and an iPhone and I use Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and Tumblr. I spend my free time basically glued to a screen that does nothing for me but give me bad eyes for the future. And that is one of the saddest things I’ve ever written on this blog.

We use social media in this way that it takes over our ability to notice how ridiculous we’re being. There are days I get on Facebook and I just want to call someone’s mother and tell them how embarrassed I am for their kid. We use the internet as a form of release, when it should definitely not be.


Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not having a ‘the internet is a place for Satan’ kind of rant. This isn’t a rant. It’s a…wake up call. For all of you who get on Facebook or Twitter and see the whole “What are you thinking?” box and decide to reveal information that not only do I feel uncomfortable reading, but makes my perception of you change slightly. I am all for free expression, but telling 348 of your not very close friends that you sing to Nickelback naked in your living room isn’t very bright.

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10 Things I Can’t Live Without

I’m a person of simple needs. I’m not very complicated or fussy. But without certain things, I’m just a blob of flesh. So, to let you all in on what makes me tick, here is my list of ten things that I most definitely cannot live without. (besides air, food, water, and shelter)

1. Scarves

Some of my actual scarves. These are all my favorite ones.

I really don’t like having to buy a bunch of really fancy tops because those cost money and I’m a student who makes minimum wage. So, to jazz up one of my tshirts or sweaters, I like to use a scarf. I own about 25 scarves, which is a lot compared to everyone I know. How did I get into the scarf fanatics? I was reading an interview with Selena Gomez and she was talking about how she has a whole drawer filled with scarves and I was like, “Hmmm, let’s try scarves!” So yeah, scarves are a daily part of my wardrobe. They are my life source.

2. Laptop

The HP Pavilion dv4t-5100 Entertainment Notebook in Linen White. Aka, my baby.

As I said last Monday, I just got my new laptop and I love it. Honestly, I went two years with a laptop and one without, and it was tough. I didn’t realize how much I used my laptop until I didn’t have one! And I don’t just use it for like Facebook and Twitter. No, I use it for writing class essays, emails, research papers, discovering new blogs, etc. It’s something that I use daily because so much on my life needs to be done with a computer. I’m not dependent on technology but I really like having my laptop to get me from Point A to Point B when it comes to getting stuff done.

3. Foundation

L’Oreal’s BB cream. What are some other great brands I should try?

Unfortunately, when God created me he put oily skin in my genes. So I have acne (though not much). Plus, I’m __% Irish and have very fair, red skin. Therefore, when it comes to getting ready and looking presentable, I love to use a little foundation to even me out and not look like a giant zit head. I do not leave the house unless I have foundation on. And for those who have seen my bare face, we all know it’s a whole lot better with foundation on.

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"Oooh Pottermore opens today!" Think again.

It’s October 1st. And a lot of people have been saying this over the social networks:

“Yay! Pottermore’s open to the public today! Yay”

Yeah, it’s not.

Tons of people missed the early admission to Pottermore for various reasons. You didn’t have internet access that week, you were too busy, you didn’t really care about it. Or, if you’re me, your computer broke on the second day before you had the chance to even try looking for the magic quill. Life is unfair sometimes.

Anyway, this morning my friend texted me, really excited. “Guess what? Pottermore opens today! I’m so excited to sign up!” and so I headed to the site and was met with this picture:

Come on, J.K. Rowling! You told us October and now it’s here and according to your ‘Pottermore Insider’ you aren’t starting until the end of October. I don’t know if I can wait 30 more days to become a Ravenclaw.

Yeah, I want to be in Ravenclaw.

So, to all of you Squibs and Muggles and soon-to-be first year Hogwarts students, let’s try to survive on this planet for 30 more days. Okay?

Lots of love to all you wizarding folk,

I Just Got Googled

Have you ever Googled yourself? It is the weirdest thing ever.

I’m sitting in my bed, about an hour before I go to bed, and have found myself on the world wide web (that is full of almost anything to do) with nothing to do. So, I go to Google, because it is the home of the internet, and decide to type in ‘Teenage Enthusiasm’.

Yes, this changed my life.

Searching for yourself on the internet can be very strange. First off, I found links that redirected to my blog. That wasn’t too weird, but exciting to see myself on the internet. Next, I saw websites that had mentioned me. That was a bit different.

The internet is so huge. You can find almost anything on it, and knowing that you can find yourself with just a few keystrokes…wow. Never before had I Googled myself, but now that I have, I might never go back. It’s almost addicting to just see yourself in a place that millions of people check every day.

So, my challenge for you? Look yourself up. Whether it’s your blog name, your Facebook page, or even your company’s name, look it up. See what you get. It might just surprise you. Maybe you have a small blog you only update once a month. Maybe you’ll see that lots of people have backtracked to it. Whatever it is, Google yourself and find out!

Thank you for reading. I feel like I always say that, but I truly do mean it. I feel so lucky to see that people are reading what I’m writing and commenting and liking and so on. So, thank you for being so fantastic and reading this little Google entry.

Get to Googling!


Things I Will Never Take for Granted…Again

This past week has been a toughie. I’ve lived through things that you wouldn’t even imagine. Just kidding 😀 But I have learned that some of the things I take for granted actually are something I should be grateful for.

One of the things I used to take for granted was hearing. Last Saturday I was cleaning my ears before I showered and apparently hit a piece of earwax or something. Whatever it was blocked my hearing and made it sound like I was listening to everything through a glass box. It was so irritating! Hearing is something we think is so natural and we don’t think of how really great it is. But when it’s taken away from you and you feel like you are stuck in a glass box, you really learn just how great it is. So please, don’t take it for granted. You never know when your hearing could be taken away. P.S. I can hear fine now. I steamed my ear and I’ve been hearing fine since then.

Another thing I used to take for granted was wifi. Yes, my internet connection. I use the internet so much (school, fun, writing, blogging, etc.) that I don’t even really think about how fortunate I am to be able to open up my Firefox and browse the world wide web. But here is the sad story that made me be grateful for it. We’re on spring break right now and my family decided to go out of town for a few days. And our hotel (which does have free wifi) was having major internet problems. So basically I couldn’t get on the internet, not even a little bit. To put this bluntly, I couldn’t access my e-mail, check my blog stats, play any games, work on homework, or chat with any of my friends. So, please do not take your internet for granted. It’s so hard when you have a life that has to be done through the internet and you can’t connect. But it has made me read a bit more and think of some super great blog posts for the future!

So, those are the things that I learned I took for granted this week. But never again will I. I am grateful for my hearing and for having access to the internet.

It’s these little things that make you realize just how blessed you really are.