Inside My Makeup Bag: August 2017

Under my bathroom sink, in a large quilted bag, sits the tools for the natural look I go for every day. My makeup bag – like many others – is a reflection of myself. From my matte powder to my lengthening mascara, everything in there helps me show off my face in the best way possible.

inside my makeup bag

Earlier this year I shared my full cupboard of beauty products, and as time has changed and I’ve moved to another city, I thought it was time I shared the more condensed version of my current makeup bag.Read More

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Inside My Makeup Bag

While reading through questions and suggestions from you all, I see lots of comments about wanting to see “Inside My” posts. Inside my purse, inside my backpack, inside my closet, and finally, inside my makeup bag.

Originally, I wanted to just do a quick post on what’s in my makeup bag on an everyday basis, but when I started to do that I realized that while there are certain staples I stick to, I don’t have an everyday basis makeup routine. Yesterday I wore eyeshadow, today I wore highlighter, last week I was obsessed with bronzer, and if the air isn’t too dry tomorrow I’ll likely wear vampy lipstick. Even the small changes of choosing blush v bronzer makes my makeup routine inconsistent, so I thought that I would instead share the products in my makeup bag (it’s actually a drawer) that I use fairly regularly. And then note what I use most often and any comments I have.

To note: I have a light skin tone with cool undertones, blue-grey eyes, and oily skin. These factors influence what products and colours I purchase.

So, who’s ready to go inside my makeup bag/drawer?Read More