Letter to HS Seniors

Dear High School Seniors,

A year ago I was in your shoes. Anxious, worried, stressed, and about one letter away from having a mental breakdown. If it wasn’t filling out application after application for scholarships, it was every person within a 60-mile radius of me asking what I was doing next year. This is the best and the worst time of your lives. So, as someone who survived the war zone that is Senior year, gather round your computer as Veteran Morgan tells you a story.

In December the oppressing feeling that you need to be the most accomplished, know-it-all, confident person in all of the land starts to hit. SAT scores, volunteer hours, and GPA are all that matter in life. That party on Saturday is not going to happen, and you need to get at least a 25 on your ACT before you can even think about watching the latest episode of your favourite television show. It’s no wonder your hair is turning grey because of the stress. But in all honesty, once you move past this time of just incredible pain and suffering, you’re going to realize that it isn’t the end of the world.Read More

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50 Reasons I Loved High School

As told by yesterday, I graduated high school on Saturday.

High school. It was the best of times, it was the worst of time. And to celebrate my graduation, I decided to compile a list of 50 events/quotes/happenings/etc. of my high school career that I will always remember because they made the last four years pretty darn great. So without further ado, enjoy some of my favorite moments of high school.

(Note: Most of these are from Senior year, because all those Government notes pushed every other year away from my brain. This post is also mostly for my own enjoyment.)

Why High School Could Be Considered Some of the Best Years of My Life

1. Inappropriate Wednesday. Back in November I went over to my best friend’s house on a Wednesday and while playing Zumba Core, her sister mentioned me theoretically giving a certain British YouTuber a lap dance and in the end I decided to deem Wednesday as a day full of inappropriate comments. I celebrate by saying dirty pick-up lines all day!

2. High school was the time of my first date. I was under the impression I was going with my male friend to the movies and then my mom made a joke it was a date and then he invited our other friend to come with us and he bought my snacks and three months later I found out he had a crush on me. It was incredibly odd, but I got free Reese’s Pieces and got to see Alice in Wonderland!

3. In May I bought a top from Old Navy, a chambray button-up with tiny anchors. I wore it to school and my friend Alex, when she saw me, said, “You have to wear that shirt when you meet Harry Styles.”

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The Chapter Has Ended

I graduated high school.

How weird is that? I’ve worked so hard and so long to get to this point and now that I’m here, it’s strange.

From the day you enter high school you count down to graduation. Because in the end, that’s what really matters; walking across the stage and receiving that diploma. And now here I am, in full possession of my diploma, and it all feels surreal. The chapter has ended and the next has a very uncertain beginning.

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Starting High School? Calm Yourself

As a request from Deb, this will be all about my tips for starting high school.

I started high school four years ago, and yes, it was terrifying. Not that I’m trying to scare you or anything.

I am the oldest child in my family, so I don’t have an older sibling who can give me advice or tell me that I’m going to be fine. This past year, having gone without that older sibling, I tried to do what I’d have liked to my younger brother (who is a freshman this year) and was basically rejected. Rejection hurts.

Since I was denied by a 14-year-old boy, I will share my tips on high school so that you can start it with much less stress than I had. This not only applies to high school, but to any new beginning (university, jobs, etc.)


My first day of high school I came home sobbing. It wasn’t because people had been mean but it was just so…foreign. And I’m not saying you will cry (I feel like I should admit that I’ve cried on the first day of every school year since third, except for this year) but it’s important that know what is facing you in this new experience.

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Teenage Love & it’s Downside

I’m going to be honest. I’ve never been in love. And since I’m only 17, I’m totally fine with that.

Around the age of thirteen we start to want to prove ourselves as grown ups. We want to shave, use potty words, wear bras, and have that thing called ‘love’. It’s basically programmed into our DNA. Being able to live like the adults in our lives, who seem to have it all, is everything we dream about as teens and we will try anything to be these glamorous adults. Unfortunately, we focus so much on this that we forget to enjoy our childhood.


As a teenager I see ‘love’ almost every day. It’s usually when I’m at my locker and this one couple is exchanging saliva right in front of the lock. Then I see it later when I’m walking down the stairs and the couple in front of me is holding hands and walking like they’ve never heard of moving their feet. I see it after class when a boy is waiting by the door, excited to see his girlfriend after the agonizing 45 minutes they’ve been apart. But this isn’t the ‘love’ that I’m talking about. I’m talking about the

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What You’ll Need for Back-to-School

It’s that time of year again where shopping for school supplies and figuring out your first day outfit are important. School is starting up again and we need to be on our A game to be top of the class. And since I want you all to succeed in another grueling year of learning and socializing, I’m giving you a list of things you’re going to need to be a VIPHS (Very Important Person in High School.)

For Your Classes

  1. Binder. A binder can hold loose leaf paper, folders, notebooks, study guides, etc. Having one is never a bad idea. Plus, you can decorate it. And that’s just fun for everyone!
  2. Accordion folder. I used to use those three punch ones you can buy at Wal-Mart, but the holes kept on ripping. So I switched to an accordion folder and liked it better. Instead of having to tote your folders in your binder, you can keep you assignments in neat pockets.
  3. Notebooks. In high school, you’re going to be taking notes. So many notes that you’ll probably hate the word a week in. But by using a notebook, you can keep your notes fairly organized and don’t have to keep track of loose pages.
  4. Pencil case. You’re going to have pencils, pens, highlighters, colored pencils, erasers, etc. You want something that will hold them all. You’ll also want all the things to go inside it, since you need to write notes with something.
  5. Sticky notes. If your teacher is anything like all the English teachers I’ve had in high school, they probably want you to annotate what you’re reading. Sticky notes are a great, mess-free way to write your thoughts about the book without defiling the pages. They are also great for scribbling down a quick note or phone number you might need for class.

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Why Popularity Isn’t Important

In high school, popularity is the currency. If you are popular, you are the rich tycoon who owns half of Florida. If you’re not, you are the guy living in the cardboard box. Popularity is what fuels the school system. Oh, also, what I’m saying right now is complete crap.

Mean Girls

The idea that someone is better just because they own a fancy car, an expensive wardrobe, and have flawless skin is ridiculous. No one is better than someone else. We were all born equal, and treating people like we weren’t is silly.

People believe that being popular is what will get you through high school. Fact: I’ve gone through the last three years of high school not being superbly popular and my life is still fantastic. Just because every person in the eleventh grade doesn’t know my name doesn’t mean that my high school experience is going to be miserable. It just means that I’m going to happy in a different way.

Last night I watched the Disney Channel movie Geek Charming (which is adorable) and I think it did a really great visual representation of what I’m saying. Although the male protagonist, Josh, wasn’t sitting at the popular table, he was still generally happy with his life. And the female protagonist, Dylan, was the girl with the life that she believed that could only be great if she were wildly popular, she was proved wrong once she learned that true happiness comes from having awesome friends and being yourself. Once again, great representation of what I’m saying, no?

The masses believe that popularity is what leads to happiness in general. And, sure, for some that might be true. Lots of popular kids are happier because they are adored and are surrounded by lots of friends with whom they have fun. At the same time, there are kids who are not popular in the least who aren’t very happy because they don’t have any good friends and don’t get the social experience to have fun. But popularity doesn’t determine your happiness, what you make of your life does. If you want to be happy, choose people who like to hang around. Do activities that you enjoy. Be yourself. Whether or not everyone in your class adores you shouldn’t determine your happiness.

Being popular isn’t important. It’s as simple as that.

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Homecoming Dance

Last night I attended my very first high school dance.

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Quick Update and Stories About My Tent

My laptop (which has been part of me for the last two years) is having some difficulties, so posting may be a bit slim in the next week or so. But I will tug my mum’s arm and twist and pull until she lets me use hers to write something!

Stories about my tent:
So, last night I decided to have a bit of a party in my backyard with two of my besties. We had corn chips, sleeping bags, a lantern, the whole experience. It was quite fun and something I needed before traveling for the next two weeks.

Our campout actually looked very similar to this!

I was really excited because I haven’t had a sleepover since I was 14. 14! That’s like half my lifetime ago (just kidding. I’m 16.) And the funny part about sleepovers is that you always share gossip. I don’t know about boys, but they probably don’t go talking about Suzie and Margo and Timmy and Diane’s relationship. As girls, that’s all we talk about. And it’s funny because as you’re talking about these people, you start to feel kind of slimy, like a slug. So you try to make light of it, with some hilarious little one-liners to lighten the mood and not seem like such a typical, dramatic teenager. Here is my favorite one said by my friend Victoria.

“Middle school called. They want their drama back.”

 And then there’s the nostalgic stories you get into. Although I didn’t share my elementary or middle school years with these ladies, I was able to make them laugh with a few of my stories, which made me feel good. We spent hours (going to bed between 2 and 4) talking about chasing boys around the playground, ice cream parties, that first time someone told you that you could go to a higher math class. It was a really fantastic night.

What are your favorite elementary/middle/high school memories? What are ones that you’ll never forget? Share in the comments!


And ‘like’ me on Facebook! You are all amazing readers who support me and make me feel like I’m actually doing something worthwhile. Give yourself a pat on the back(:

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We Really Do Have Great Expectations

For school, as I am sure almost all of you know, you are expected to read college-bound books once you start high school.

This year (my Sophomore year) we have to do a Book Talk (where we go up and talk about the college-bound book we chose to read) and it’s this huge deal. We have 6 Mondays in class to read our books and then when we get back from Christmas Holiday, we have to get in front of 30 bored-to-death classmates and talk about a book older than their parents.

For my Book Talk, I chose Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.

image Now, the thing that I really thought about when reading this was, We all have great expectations, but do we ever get them?

My answer: Very, very rarely.

Take myself for example. When I was 7, I expected to already be a teen star by the time I was 14. And here I am at 15, sitting on my bed, getting ready for school tomorrow. And yet, for some of my friends, their expectations actually do come true.

Take my friend Maddy for example. Last year she expected herself to graduate at top of the class, even though she had a B/C average. Well, with a lot of hard work, she actually did graduate top of her class and she was accepted into Princeton.

So, think about it, how many of our great expectations actually come true? Pip got his expectation to be a gentleman, but to be with Estella? No. And from there on, Pip learns that all his expectations really were big old loads of horse manure.

And on this note, readers, I want you to think of all of your expectations (may they be great or not) and write about them in the comments. Did your expectation become reality? Or did you end up feeling lower than low when it didn’t happen? Comment!

Well, I’ve really said all I’ve had to say. Please comment on your reaction/own expectations/dislike/like/how funny you thought it was. And subscribe!