10 Ways to Cheer You Up

So, it’s Dead Week and I’m stress sick and I’m 90% sure I’m getting my period and the Apocalypse will probably happen because it’s one of those weeks.

Therefore I need some cheering up and I’m sure you do too!

10 Ways to Cheer Up When Life Seems Pretty Bleak

1. Throw yourself a dance party

Sometimes you just need to crank up the tunes and dance out that bleary mood! Turn up some funky music and get out your best moves while you let out any negative energy. And if you’ve got some friends also pretty down (it’s Dead Week, invite everyone you know) then you guys can all crank it out together!Read More

Guess Who's Back, Back Again, Happy's Back, Tell a Friend

I think just by glancing at the title of this post you can get a pretty good idea of what I am writing about. But in case you’re thicker than a thick thing, I’ll tell you.

I found my Happy!

After weeks of feeling absolutely lost within myself, I have returned to normal, happy-go-lucky, always up for adventure, gets enthusiastic over the little things Morgan. Yes, it’s Finals Week so I only want to stay in bed for seven days, but Happy is back!Read More

Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Program

Hiya Enthusiasts!

This post is not going to be our regularly scheduled program, but it is a plea to myself to get back to my regularly scheduled program.

Wow, how many times can you say regularly scheduled program?

The thing about writing on the Internet is that you can hide behind the screen. That’s why people post nasty comments on YouTube and people get Catfished. It’s also a way for writers to continue doing their writing and pretend that everything is fine, even when it’s not.Read More