21 Things I Learned at 21

Well, Enthusiasts, I made it to 22. And it’s been quite the year.

If you’ve been following me on this journey, you will know that every year I make a list of all the lessons I’ve learned. If you haven’t been following, here is 17, 18, 19, and 20. And what you’re reading here is 21.

21 Things I Learned at 21

The ripe age of 21 tested me in ways I never knew. I graduated college. I got my first adult job. I dealt with heartbreak for the first time. I bought a car. I learned a lesson about friendship. I became really good at making avocado toast. And each of these experience taught me about the person I am, and who I strive to be. I’m a lot stronger than I give myself credit for, and I hope the lessons below show that.

The days that defined my 21st year of life will always stick with me, to remind me of the path I’ve taken where I am. And with Year 22 happening in only a few short hours, I can’t wait to see what it has in store for me.Read More

20 Things I Learned at 20

Happy birthday to me!

I am now at the ripe age of 21, which means I now plan on having wine parties during my cheesecake parties. Other than that, not much else of my life will change. I’m still the same ol’ Morgan, just a year older and a whole lot wiser than April 25, 2015.

As I like to do on my birthday, I have compiled a list of lessons I have learned in the last year. They are things that I think are not only important for me as a growing person, but things that I believe we all need a reminder of as we grow older. Each year I learn so many beautiful life lessons and it would be a shame not to share them with the world, so instead of y’all giving me a present, I’m giving you 20 present pieces of advice!Read More

Growing Up, But Still Friends

Last night, my cutie patootie best friend Alex from Your Girl Curlz graduated! I am so proud of her and everything she has accomplished, and I don’t know what I would do if she wasn’t always a text away.


About now is when I’m realizing that all of my friends and I are growing up. We’re all spread out at universities around the Pacific Northwest and the only times we’ve been together recently is for holidays. These girls are my non-official family members and as hard as it is to watch us all go on and start our lives, I know it can only make our friendship stronger.Read More

Why Was I Scared of University?

I cried the day my mother dropped me off at university.

We were sitting in the Eugene Rod Robin and I was trying to replace my feelings with calories. The past few months I had believed that my last few minutes of the only life I knew would be easy, would slip off my shoulders and I would move onto university life a cool cat. Not exactly.

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Seven Inches Later: A Growing Up Story

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Hello Enthusiasts!

I hope you are all having a wonderful week. I know I am! This week my third article was published on Huffington Post Teen and as it is an article that means a lot to me and tells a story that I want to share with you, I thought I would also post the article here (it’s after the jump.) I hope you enjoy reading and feedback is always appreciated! Have a great Inappropriate Wednesday!Read More

A New Era for Enthusiasm

Hello Enthusiasts!

As you’re reading this you’re probably thinking, “Something about Morgan seems different. Did she get a haircut? Is that a new blouse?” The answer to both of those questions is no. I got a blog makeover.


Over the past few weeks I have been working closely with Sarah from Creativity Avenue to create a space that is more than just the general theme. I’ve had the same theme for almost two years and while I liked it, it just wasn’t me. And now I have a place that has been tailored to my own liking, so creating content is even more exciting than ever!

But this makeover is only the first of a lot of changes going on this month. We’ve reached the twenty day mark until I leave for uni and things are going to change.

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17 Things I Learned at 17

In about a month I will be 18. I will be an adult. And the thought terrifies me.

I like being 17. I’m not going to lie. I know you all think I’m crazy, but the truth is I feel that 17 is the perfect age. You can still be a kid and deny the fact that you’re growing up, but you still can be responsible and make your own decisions. I love this age. It’s exactly how I want to live my life.

Me at 17. All happy and grown up and living life!

But with the impending end of my childhood, I have taken time to think back on 17. What I enjoyed, what I didn’t, and what I learned. Each year teaches you something new, and this year I feel like I learned so much, especially with foreign travel and lots of other grown up experiences filling up my year. I made friends, I lost friends, I lost part of myself, I found part of myself. One thing that has always bothered me is that I don’t have any older siblings to impart their knowledge, to tell me tips that will get me through tough stages of my life. This blog is my way of being an older sibling to my readers. We all deserve someone giving us advice, and now I want to share my advice of 17 to those who have yet to reach this stage. So, if nothing else, you will learn something about how I become the person I am right now. But I hope you learn these lessons before you have to learn them the hard way.

17-year-old Morgan Gives 17 Life Lessons

1. You are only as good as you allow yourself to be

2. A clean room can make all the difference

3. You can survive when a loved one passes

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Growing Up and Getting Out

At my school we have a program that helps you get ready for university by providing you with all the adequate help you need. It’s a really fantastic program and my school really enjoys it. Today was my first appointment with a new volunteer and, well, it was the real start to my college career.

As I went over possible colleges that had strong English programs (as that is how I want to spend my life), I realized that plethora of states that I can move to. Vermont, Connecticut, Illinois, Washington, etc. it’s such a huge world and I have the possibility to attend anywhere. After my appointment, I was walking with my best friend, who wants to attend university in-state. I’ve always wanted to live on the East Coast, in a big city with Starbucks on every corner. And if I get my wish, I will be living across the country and my closest friend will be living right here. And it made me think about getting older and moving on with our lives.

The truth is, we spend all this time in high school, working together to finish our homework to pass our classes, studying late into the night together to ace our finals, and in the end, we travel to different ends of the country/world. And it’s quite depressing. But the happy note is that we move away and we meet NEW people. People who improve our lives in new ways. People who have lived in different cities and had different friends and who don’t even know about that embarrassing time Sophomore year when you spilled guacamole on yourself and everyone thought you had thrown up. Yeah.

We’re growing up, day by day, and it’s scary. If you’re in high school, university applications and SAT registration deadlines are dominating a schedule composed of homework and babysitting. For those in college, how you are going to spend the rest of your life once you graduate is clogging up your brain space. Your mind has a lot going on, but it’s all a part of growing up.

We’re growing up and going out into the world. Life is going to throw some screw balls, but just try to catch them and throw some back.

16 vs. 6

Today’s Daily Press blogging challenge was “If you had a debate with a 10 years younger yourself, who would win?” And I took this challenge to heart.

my face hurts from all this smilinghipster 9

Ten years ago I was almost six, especially since in 4 days I will be 16! 4 days baby!!! Anyway, when I was 6, I was pretty feisty. And I was just as stubborn as I am now. If the two of us were to get in a debate, I’m pretty sure I would win. First of all, I was 6, so I probably would have gotten bored within five minutes and just gave up. Second, I am much more knowledgeable now, so I would have a much more convincing argument. Third, I think just about anyone could win a debate with a 6 year old.

Now, also going on the with 6 year old me, I haven’t really changed that much. Sure, I’ve matured a little, learned a bunch more, and have become a young adult. But my personality is the same. I’m still extremely stubborn. I love to just let go of all of my worries and twirl around in circles. When in doubt, I go and cry on my mum’s shoulder, just like when I was 6. I haven’t changed that much at all. And, to be honest, I don’t think any of us really change from when we are really young. We make small changes but keep that same personality that makes us exactly who we are.

But who would win in other activities? If me and my 6-year-old self were to compete in more competitions, I think that would be a different story. Math contest? 16. Jump rope contest? 6. Finger painting? Fair tie. But that only depends on who is judging 🙂

Well, I hope you all enjoyed reading that and are now comparing yourself to when you were 10 years younger. It’s pretty fun. Keep on reading you lovely folks and I’ll see you all when I’m 16!