How to Mentally Prepare For 2018

We’re a week into 2018 and I’m still trying to figure out how I feel. It’s a year where I want change and success and peace, and to get there I need to prepare for all that’s going to happen for the next 365 days.

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Why I Do Focus Words Instead of Resolutions

If you’ve looked at social media in the last 48 hours you’ve likely seen the word “resolution” a few thousand times. With the beginning of a new year comes the beginning of resolutions, and honestly, I’m not in the club. This year I’m all into focus words.

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My Goals for the Next Year

Goals. We all have them. We all try to reach them. Some of us accomplish them. Some of us leave them in the wind, waiting for a friendly hand to pick them up again.

Below are some of my goals for 2011, revised. I plan on really sticking to these goals too.

Morgan’s Goals for 2011

  • Get my book to a publisher
  • Get a 4.2
  • Come up with a catch phrase
  • Get my ears pierced
  • Write an article for my local newspaper

But these are only some of my multiple goals. If I were to write them all, you could be here for a long time. But leave some of your goals in the comments. It’s always a blast to read them!