Movies Every Girl Should Live By

As a female in today’s society, I have learned a lot about what it means it be a strong, independent, fearless, compassionate woman from movies.

It’s as Audrey Hepburn said. “Everything I learned, I learned from movies.” And it’s true. So much of what goes into making us is what we see on the silver screen. That’s why it’s important that as people we are seeing the movies that teach us to be role models to ourselves and others.

Today I’ve compiled a list of movies that feature great roles for women/teach women lessons on life. While there are definitely some missing (I want to do my more hardcore movies in their own post) this one features some lighter – and more serious – films that feature impossibly brave women.

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What To Do When Your Crush Doesn't Like You Back

Okay, let’s get real.

Over the last four years I have received countless emails and comments and tweets, etc. from people all over the world trying to get in with their crush through my “How to…Boy” series. And there have plenty of issues and situations that I’ve answered. But there’s one we need to really address.

What happens when you crush doesn’t like you back?

Being in unrequited love is the worst. What do you do when your affections aren’t returned? It’s a tricky situation that needs to be dealt with properly to save your feelings and not to give your crush power. That’s why I’ve come up with this handy guide on what to do when you find our your crush isn’t crushing on you back. This guide will show you what to do, what to say, and how to get back on the bandwagon even if your heart feels like a sushi chef just served it on a plate.

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19 Things I Don't Understand

1. I don’t understand why tight clothes make girls feel sexier.

2. I don’t understand why a girl who loves sports is less “feminine.”

3. I don’t understand why being loud and obnoxious makes a boy a “boy.”

4. I don’t understand why girls can’t be one of the boys without being decidedly masculine.

5. I don’t understand why opposite genders are always told they can’t be “just friends” and have to be more.

6. I don’t understand why not having a boyfriend makes me undesirable by society’s standards.

7. I don’t understand why people feel the need to assert dominance over their significant other.

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Best Friend Talk (Support and Band Boys)

The inspiration behind this post came from a recent conversation with friends I am having about luring band boys into bed that has somehow turned into boys having bad smelling beds to whether drugs or food is a better way to a boy’s heart. Yeah, context.

The Lord has blessed me with the most amazing best friends on the planet. I mean, you guys know everything about my bedrest best friend Katy, but there are so many other amazing friends I am surrounded with. These girls are like family, because just like family, they are the people I feel most comfortable with. And considering the context I discussed above, it’s obvious the feeling is shared.

Over the last few weeks with my funk, these girls have been there for me every step. Along with my parents, they have done their absolute best to keep me trucking on with life. And I couldn’t be more grateful. It’s been a weird time to be Morgan, but with them by my side I know that I am the most supported individual on the planet.

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Can I Have Your Number?

WHOA! What a crazy week!

You know that week that never ends up how you expected it to? That was my week. Why?

There were a LOT of people asking for my number.

And each time someone asked me for my number (for a multitude of reasons. Not all romantically.) it made me think of how there are so many ways to ask for someone’s number.

A big demographic on this here blog is teenage girls, which makes sense considering a teenage girl is writing it. And I am constantly asked for dating advice and how to talk to a boy and all of that. So, for those readers, here is how you are going to get his number.



This one works best if you are asking in a romantic way. Otherwise people might get the wrong idea. The trick for this approach is to have some insight on this person (something they might be proud of/be part of) and incorporate it into your asking.

“So, does Mr. All-State Champ have a phone number?”


This approach can be used in both romantic and friendly circumstances. I’ve only seen it used in friendly circumstances, but try what you want. The idea is to make the fact you are asking for their number is only for business reasons, not for your more ulterior motives.

“You’re one of the chairmen for the dance, right? Can I have your number if I have any questions?”

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