The Dating Game

Contrary to popular belief, my knowledge in the male gender is about…zero. I don’t have a boyfriend, go on dates, etc. And it’s all because I’m perfectly happy not participating in The Dating Game.

Don’t get me wrong, I think guys are great. I could go on for hours about Logan Lerman and Dylan O’Brien, but I won’t because it will most likely bore you. But I don’t think I need a boyfriend to be complete in life. It’s all about being confident in your own person and not needing some guy to give you that confidence.


People always ask me, “Why are you single?” and I’ve probably replied about a million times that I’d rather eat a good piece of chocolate and drink some tea than find some guy who I’m just settling for. It’s completely fine to have high standards because isn’t it more worth it to have someone who you know will make you happy than to just grab the first thing with a willy?

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