Favourites Friday #54

You know what I needed this week? A break.

And what better way to take a break than to sit down, eat some snacks, and watch some Netflix? This week that was all I did after work because when you overwork yourself you can’t perform the best, which is bad for everyone. And I want to do my best, so I took a break.

This week’s favourites are what I enjoyed during my breaks and they are things that will make an appearance for many breaks to come.Read More

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TV Shows I Will Always Rewatch

As the number of TV shows that grace the hundreds of channels grows each year (has anyone checked out the fall lineup this year, it’s great!) I find that I cannot watch every single show, especially when there are plenty of shows that I need to watch again.

Whenever I rewatch a show I find those little things that I didn’t notice when I was trying to keep up with plot and characters. And when I find those little things I find myself becoming more obsessed with the show than I was originally.

Below are the five TV shows that I will always rewatch.Read More

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Top TV Couples

One of the best parts of watching television is the television couples. From the parents of the main characters, to the main characters themselves, the couples that you watch grow make watching a t.v. show that much better. So, here’s my list of my top favorite television couples.

1. Topanga Lawrence (Matthews) and Cory Matthews
No couple is cuter than Cory and Topanga. An item since they were 2, all Boy Meets World watches were able to see their relationship grow and bloom (from diapers to wedding bells) and become the most enviable relationship in history. No one was more darling than Corpanga.

2. Kitty and Red Forman
From Kitty’s ridiculously adorable nature to Red’s irritable, rude personality, this couple definitely deserves the number 2 spot. They make you laugh like no couple before and, although they may not teach you a life lesson by the end of the episode, they always show you that opposites attract. And that’s really what That ’70s Show  was all about, right?


3. Monica Geller (Bing) and Chandler Bing
For all beloved Friends fans, you all know that the real, true couple with Monica and Chandler. There was no doubt. We always knew that these two (OCD Monica and goofy Chandler) would always end up together through their friends hard ships. They were wonderful together. Truly.

4. Pam Beesly (Halpert) and Jim Halpert
We saw it from the beginning and were not even close to surprised when Pam and Jim got married. Not even Pam and Jim. This couple, with their kookiness and surprising normality, have made romance history and The Office favorites.

5. Rory Gilmore & Logan Huntzberger
Although plenty of Gilmore Girls fans will disagree with me, Rory and Logan worked for so many reasons. He helped her become more outgoing and get some life experience for her journalism. She helped him become more grounded and grow up. They were adorable together and I was so sad when it didn’t work out.


6. Leonard Hofstadter and Penny
Even though he is a major geek and she is a blond acting bombshell, Leonard and Penny were able to make their love last, if only for a short while. They are a living proof that two different stereotypes can fall in love and be pretty darn happy. Oh, The Big Bang Theory, it’s like you planned to make ‘chemistry’.

7. Betty Suarez and Daniel Meade
As Ugly Betty went from ugly Betty to pretty Betty, her relationship with Daniel changed to. With her originally being his secretary so he won’t hit on her, the two embark on a story of friendship and, later, love. Those two are the real meaning of office romance, and it’s pretty darn adorable.

Can’t you feel the coupleness?

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Top 10 TV Awards

I love award shows. I TiVo them and watch them over and over again. The Emmys? The Oscars? MTV Movie Awards? Yes, that is how I spend my days.

So, here is my own little awards show. I have found the Top 10 Best Television Shows. Plus, I give them all their own individual awards!

10. NewsRadio

I love the idea of working at a radio station, and this show is all about that! A fun comedy that rivals Just Shoot Me. Definitely something to watch. And I watch old episodes on Hulu. Award: Best Workplace Show

9. The Twilight Zone

Paranormal, scary, creepy experiences is what this whole show is about. Between mannequins that come to life and men stalking your car, The Twilight Zone is for all of you that loved Paranormal Activity but are sick of watching it. Award: Best Paranormal Show

8. Ugly Betty

Love this show! The lesson of this show is that no matter how different you are, you can always make it. Or if you’re really attractive, feel free to make fun of ugly people. Just kidding! But I really do love this show. America Ferrera really makes a name for herself here. Award: Best Name-Calling Show

7. Rugrats

All the kids of my generation grew up watching this hilarious animation. If I could take a little trip in a time machine, I’d definitely go back to being a baby so I could stick a screwdriver in my diaper. This show is fun, kid friendly and just fantastic for all ages. Everyone should watch. Award: Best Animated Show

6. The Office

One of those shows you either love or hate. Stupid humor and classic one-liners, this show is just fun. The characters are witty/stupid/funny/confusing. The story line is always evolving and every episode is gold. Definitely something worth watching. Award: Best One-Liner Show

5. Glee

For a lot of people, this would be #1, but I think #5 suits for me. This show reaches all areas of adult/teen life. Between sexuality, love, popularity, and self-esteem, if you are having a problem with your life, watch an episode and you’ll probably learn how to cope. Very good show with an amazing cast and catchy music. Award: Best Musical Show

4. Doctor Who

Science fiction in the most interesting way. You have a flying police box, a regenerating alien and the weirdest creatures to entertain you for hours. I seriously recommend all people who love science fiction or who are very right-minded to watch this show. So fascinating. Award: Best Nerd Show

3. Arrested Development

Caught onto this show by my Acting teacher, I was immediately hooked. Jason Bateman, Michael Cera, David Cross, Portia de Rossi…that’s only half the cast and it’s already screaming for you to watch it. A great fun view of a family with some definite problems, it is a show for all people. Award: Best Dysfunctional Show

2. Gilmore Girls

I can proudly say I’ve watched every single episode of this show.  Lauren Graham absolutely charms the socks off you in this fun show, and Alexis Bledel gets her name out into the world as Graham’s bookworm daughter. It’s a cute show of a single mother and her daughter as they make a life in a small town in Connecticut. Award: Best Pop Culture Reference Show

and finally…

1. Saturday Night Live

This show definitely deserves the top award. If I could give it a little gold award, I would. Classic characters you can’t forget, hilarious skits, truly incredible actors, and an intro that makes you want to go spend a night in NYC, how could you not love SNL? If you haven’t seen any of the 36 seasons of SNL, go get with the picture and watch right now! Award: Best Skit Show