The Enthusiast’s Gift Guide

With only a little over a week until the jolliest day of the year is upon us, it’s time to put away the hot chocolate, lace up our L.L. Bean duck boots, and get shopping. There are too many people on your gift list to put it off any longer. Yes, I am looking at you, procrastinator-student-workaholic relative.

And once you get shopping it is hard to know exactly what to get everyone on the list. People are different and buying gifts for them is more than just raiding the $3 section of Target. That’s why gift guides are a beautiful thing that just about no one takes advantage of. Don’t know what to get your sister? There’s about 40 million gift guides that cater exactly to your sister’s needs.

The Enthusiast’s gift guide is for everyone on your list. Mom, Dad, brother, sister, best friend, significant other, that neighbour who gives you pocket money for cleaning dog poo out of their yard, etc. They are gifts that work for any kind of person and your shopping will now take less than an hour. And you don’t even have to pull on your duck boots.

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Finding That Perfect Gift

Remember when you were a little kid and it was your birthday and you would stay up all the night before because you were so excited to open all your presents? Well, as I’ve gotten older and more generous than my 5-year-old self, I’ve found that I will stay up all night excited to give someone else a gift.

When you find that perfect gift for someone you feel like dancing. It’s better than chocolate. I’ve only had this feeling once, and it was so great I decided to share it with you!

My best friend is named Amanda. Her favorite color is pink. We are both on the shorter side of five foot, light brunette, and bespectacled. And, as best friends, we spend an immense amount of time together. So, being similar looking and always being around each other, we are constantly asked if we are twins. We are completely amused by this and it was the inspiration for my gift.

The end of September was Amanda’s 18th birthday and I really wanted to get her something that wasn’t just a birthday gift, but something that would connect us and remind her of me whenever she saw it, especially since I’m leaving for university next year. I thought and I thought and I thought. I probably spent two months throwing gift ideas around. Three weeks before her birthday, I came up with the perfect gift.

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Happy Birthday to…Me!

As few of you know, my 16th birthday was last week. I received quite a few gifts and a lot of them have some funny stories that I thought I’d share with you. So, without further ado, here are my stories!

My Peacock Umbrella

My parents got this for me. It was funny because three days before I even told my mum I wanted a peacock umbrella, she ordered one. I didn’t know this story until after I opened it but it cracked me up. I do not know why.

My Dart Gun

My best friend Amanda gave me this incredibly useful dart gun. When I opened it she just shrugged and said, “For when your brother annoys you.” I have since used it twice and I only got it last night. Amanda is the best friend ever.

My Elephant Puppet

Jerry! Now, why would someone get me an elephant you ask? They aren’t even my favorite animal. One of my favorite songs is “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele. I really want to make a music video for it with circus performers and lions and giraffes and elephants for it. I was telling my friends my idea and Amanda said, “I’m going to get you an elephant for your birthday.” But since real-life elephants are expensive and just plain…huge, she could only get me my little puppet elephant Jerry.

My Crocodile/Dinosaur Mask

Don’t even ask 🙂

My Chocolate!

My other half (as I call him) Zak got me this delicious chocolate. When I opened it I wasn’t sure what it was first (since I’m basically the thickest person ever) and asked, “Why did you get me concert music? I don’t even play an instrument.”

My Chili Cheese Fritos

I’m addicted to these. Whenever I have a spare dollar during lunch, I get a pack of these from the vending machine. I call them my crack. They are truly the best chips I have ever eaten. And I’m a health good junkie.

My Nerds

Funnily enough, I really have Nerds. But since I am a massive nerd who enjoys Doctor Who and rewrites her school notes four times before she is happy with them, they were very fitting. And the picture works since I am wearing my nerd glasses.

My Scarf

A scarf! About five weeks ago I was sitting in class wearing a scarf. I’d been wearing scarves almost every day because they are so bloomin’ cool. Well, about four seats behind me I hear, “Who got a hickey?” followed by, “Her. That’s why she’s been wearing a scarf all week.” To clear this out, I did not have a hickey. It was the girl about four seats to my right. I wasn’t surprised.

My Fairy Wand

For when I want to be a fairy princess! I already had the tiara. It glows in the dark too!

My Films

The Devil Wears Prada, Beetlejuice, and Pretty in Pink. For all of my fashion-y, scary, love-filled needs. Pretty in Pink was from my parents because I am the biggest John Hughes fan ever! My friend Estany got me Bettlejuice and The Devil Wears Prada because they both represent me well. Scary and fun. Beetlejuice is the fun one!

Well, that’s what I (mostly) got for my birthday. I hope you all feel educated. I know I had fun opening them all!

Keep on reading this week for yet another fun, teenage-written post!