Favourites Friday No. 106

It’s finally Friday! The week between two awesome weekends always seems to be the longest, and this week that couldn’t be more true. I had so much fun last weekend with friends, and am looking forward to this weekend trying new things!

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Favourites Friday #65: Songs of {sorta} Spring

As we welcomed March this week, I expected Spring to peek it’s head out and welcome us with greenery and sunshine.

Instead it’s been grey and rainy.


To keep my mood up – and my long car rides fun – I have a playlist in my car of songs I love to sing along to and will always belt. I thought today I would share it as they are truly wonderful songs that my broken singing voice actually can pull off. Happy Friday!Read More

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SF, MTrain & Living Out of a Suitcase

ALERT! Morgan kind of had a crazy week and now it’s time to talk about it!

1. San Francisco


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10 Ways to Cheer You Up

So, it’s Dead Week and I’m stress sick and I’m 90% sure I’m getting my period and the Apocalypse will probably happen because it’s one of those weeks.

Therefore I need some cheering up and I’m sure you do too!

10 Ways to Cheer Up When Life Seems Pretty Bleak

1. Throw yourself a dance party

Sometimes you just need to crank up the tunes and dance out that bleary mood! Turn up some funky music and get out your best moves while you let out any negative energy. And if you’ve got some friends also pretty down (it’s Dead Week, invite everyone you know) then you guys can all crank it out together!Read More

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Morgan Pulls Pranks

First off, I’d like to give a shout-out to my little brother Reilly. Today is his birthday and he’s turning 15! I’m so proud of everything you have accomplished and I can’t wait to see all the things you will do in the future!

The first thing you must know about me is that I have never pulled a successful prank in my life. Today, however, was the exception.

I need all of these...One Direction dolls  -H

You see, the One Direction merchandising team (who I’m sure makes a lot of money over how popular those five are) created these (incredibly creepy looking) dolls of the boys sometime last year. As a joke gift, a friend of mine gave me the Harry Styles one. In my local Wal-Mart, where they sell these dolls, they are on rollback for $3. So I decided to spend a little money and get some good laughs.

Last February my friends and I decided to make a parody of their ‘Kiss You’ video. I’ll put the video down at the bottom. We each chose characters and we’ve sort of embodied them as we’ve continued on our joke as the ‘Directionettes’ and created more parodies. It’s like a hobby that keeps us laughing. I know I’ve mentioned it before.

The prank was to leave a doll at the doorstep of my friends’ houses (unfortunately Niall was all sold out, so I only had three to deliver) and call them making them think something bad had happened to get them to come outside and see the doll. I pulled this prank with my lovely best friend Katy (whose blog you can read here) and her sister Karolyn and they enjoyed every minute doing this with me. Below are the reactions to what I like to call ‘One Direction is Knocking at Your Door’.

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My New Job

I’ve started a fishsitting job at work. It’s like babysitting with fish.


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50 Reasons I Loved High School

As told by yesterday, I graduated high school on Saturday.

High school. It was the best of times, it was the worst of time. And to celebrate my graduation, I decided to compile a list of 50 events/quotes/happenings/etc. of my high school career that I will always remember because they made the last four years pretty darn great. So without further ado, enjoy some of my favorite moments of high school.

(Note: Most of these are from Senior year, because all those Government notes pushed every other year away from my brain. This post is also mostly for my own enjoyment.)

Why High School Could Be Considered Some of the Best Years of My Life

1. Inappropriate Wednesday. Back in November I went over to my best friend’s house on a Wednesday and while playing Zumba Core, her sister mentioned me theoretically giving a certain British YouTuber a lap dance and in the end I decided to deem Wednesday as a day full of inappropriate comments. I celebrate by saying dirty pick-up lines all day!

2. High school was the time of my first date. I was under the impression I was going with my male friend to the movies and then my mom made a joke it was a date and then he invited our other friend to come with us and he bought my snacks and three months later I found out he had a crush on me. It was incredibly odd, but I got free Reese’s Pieces and got to see Alice in Wonderland!

3. In May I bought a top from Old Navy, a chambray button-up with tiny anchors. I wore it to school and my friend Alex, when she saw me, said, “You have to wear that shirt when you meet Harry Styles.”

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The Nanny Diaries

If you stalk my Twitter (and let’s be honest, I know that all of you are obsessed with my tweets) then you will have become very familiar with #NannyWeekend. If not, let me fill you in. I took an overnight babysitting gig with my favorite munchkins and, to put it bluntly, it was amazing!

First off, these kids are one of my favorites to babysit. I used to watch them weekly, but with schedules and other commitments, it’s been a while since I’ve seen these cuties. Our families are really close and I consider them like siblings. I treat them as if they were my younger brother and sister. Kate is 8 and Art is 6 and when I told them I was turning 18 this week they looked at me as if I was turning 180.


Friday was the start of Nanny Weekend. I arrived at 8:30 am (no beauty sleep for this girl) and played Legos and tickle fight and Just Dance 4 until I dropped (literally, Art fell on top of me.) As we played Just Dance 4 and Kate forced me to shake my groove thang, I learned that I would be spending my weekend with two Directioners. Hallelujah, praise the Lord, it’s gonna be a good weekend! (More on these Directioners later) At this point their mom came back from an estate sale to pack her bag and I went home to eat lunch, pack my own overnight bag, and write a quick email before returning for the real start of Nanny Weekend!

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5 Girls Make 1D Music Video

Hello Internet!

So, if you keep up-to-date on my Twitter, you will know that something big happened last night. For those of you who don’t, let me give you the skinny on the last few months:

Basically, a few months ago one of my friends because a Directioner (someone who likes One Direction) and she got me hooked on them, which prompted my other friend to come out as a Directioner and now all of my buddies and I are fans. On January 7, One Direction came out with a new music video ‘Kiss You’ and me and my friends found it to be one of the funniest music videos we’ve ever watched. So, on February 8, we met at my house and made our own (slightly more insane) version of the ‘Kiss You’ video, where we pretended to be One Direction and make the video. Last night, as told by our tweets, we released the video onto the Internet, under the name Directionettes. And now I want to share it with you!
(Note: Please watch the actual video before our version so that some of the actions make more sense.)

And that’s our video! I hope you enjoyed!

I also want to take this time to thank everyone that did this with me. I am so lucky to have my friends, who not only do ridiculous stuff like this with me, but who are just really fantastic people in all. All of my fellow Directionettes and our lovely director and co-director were really great. It was so much fun filming this and I’m so happy I get to spend my Senior year making videos and having laughs with all of you. I can’t wait for our next adventure into being hilarious!

That’s it! I hope you guys have a great weekend and enjoy your friends. I know I really enjoy mine.

Stay classy Internet,

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My Favorite Music Videos #2

Here is part two of my favorite music videos! If you haven’t seen PART ONE CLICK HERE. These videos are humorous, serious, and overall ones that I really enjoy.


The treadmill video! Fun fact, my mum used to babysit the guy in the pink shirt!


Kind of serious, but I love the mannequins! Sorry for the awful quality. This video was impossible to find!


The hamster balls, the crazy driving, no parent supervision. It’s every parent’s nightmare.


It just looks so cool!

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