Female Seeking Brunch Buddy

Adulthood is weird. You have to work to live, you have bills, your metabolism is now a laugh, and making friends is hard.

Unless you have a workplace or a social activity filled with similar minds, it’s hard to meet people. You have to really put yourself out there to create friendships, and even more effort needs to go in to maintain them. That is hard!

Adult Female Seeking Brunch Buddy

As a new adult in the world, I am discovering this and am finding myself in a slump while I seek brunch buds and shopping partners. While it’s been difficult and I find myself sitting in my apartment alone, I know that life is about taking challenges and showing them who’s boss.

Now, who’s ready for some truths I’ve found on my journey!

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10 Tiny Ways to Show You Care

One of my biggest goals in 2017 is to spread kindness, and one of the best ways to do this is to show I care about the people in my life. And they don’t have to be big gestures. Sometimes the smallest actions speak the loudest.

Tiny Ways to Show Care

Today I am going to share 10 tiny ways to show people you care about them, so we can all feel kindness. Remember to spread love, all the time, even when it’s easier to hate.Read More

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Friendships & Relationships & Me

This past weekend was one of the best I’ve had in a while because I got to see two of my favourite people. And seeing them both back-to-back really opened my eyes to friendship, relationships, and how they relate to me.

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Swatting Bad Friends Like Flies

I will start this out saying I am not a perfect friend.

And I will continue that by saying that while I am not the perfect friend, I do have some pretty high standards for the people I keep close relationships to. It all comes down to self-worth and the higher your self-worth is the better company you want to keep. And that’s why recently I’ve been sorting through good and bad friends in hope of keeping my circle up with my own self-worth.Read More

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Seven Inches Later: A Growing Up Story

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Hello Enthusiasts!

I hope you are all having a wonderful week. I know I am! This week my third article was published on Huffington Post Teen and as it is an article that means a lot to me and tells a story that I want to share with you, I thought I would also post the article here (it’s after the jump.) I hope you enjoy reading and feedback is always appreciated! Have a great Inappropriate Wednesday!Read More

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How to Be My Friend

After a recent spat with a friend, what friendship means to me (and what I look for in a friend) has been on my mind quite a bit.

From years of gaining and losing friends, watching endless numbers of films, and just observing how the world goes through other forms of art and stories, we learn how we want to be treated. By the time we are teenagers, or even later depending on the individual, we know ourselves pretty well to know how we want our lives to go. We understand the type of people we want to befriend, how we want these people to treat us, and whether the people in our lives are positively benefitting us.

I’ve made lots of friends (and lost quite a few too) over the span of my life. And with each gained and lost relationship, I’ve learned a little about myself and a little about the people I want to be around.

The people you want to surround yourself with are some of the most important people of you life. If you are surrounded by negative people who discourage your dreams, put you down, and make you feel bullied at any time, you are going to have a negative self-esteem and feel unimportant, which can lead to depression and other issues. If you are surrounded by positive people who encourage your dreams, support you, and help you feel good about yourself, you are going to feel confident and accomplish so much more than you could think!

Some of the things I look for in the people in my social circle are:

  • People who care about their education and try to succeed
  • People who can carry a conversation
  • People with whom I can feel safe that my secrets stay secrets
  • People who do not pick on me unless in a jokingly matter
  • People who are not constant downers
  • People who genuinely want to be my friend

I’m not incredibly picky, but when it comes to friends, they can make or break you. You want to be able to goof off with your friends and not feel like someone is judging your every move. One of my big issues of the last year was feeling constantly bullied in my social circle by a certain person, something that I feel still goes on. Feeling that way makes it hard for me to feel comfortable being myself, which I hate. I want to be able to make funny faces and tell stories without the fear of approval. Being picked on isn’t fun, and when it’s with a close friend, it’s worse. Pick the people in your life carefully. Not everyone has to be your friend, you can have acquaintances. But when you feel bullied or uncomfortable, address the issue and either talk to the person or a counselor to see their take. How you feel is important and can affect future life choices.

How do you feel in your social circle? Are you positively or negatively influenced? Comment below or e-mail me at mo425@q.com for any advice in your situation.

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Friendship, the Purest Form of Love

Today during my Honors English II class we started to redo our explanative speeches from last year for those who received low scores. Halfway through, I turned to my friend and started to talk about the speech I had given, which had been about what friendship is. The two of us (my friend and I) talked about this subject for awhile and it made me think that friendship is a great many things.


As my friend and I agreed, friendship is sitting in silence for an hour together and not feeling awkward. The knowing that this person is just with you because they want to be. Friendship is laughing so hard that you have to grasp each other to not fall over. Friendship is not asking to take a bite because you know they’ll say yes. It’s saying “I hate you” and really meaning “I love you”. Friendship is not having to say your sad because they know just by looking at you.

Friendship is all of these things and so much more. There is no limit. If I was to take the time to write them all down, our generation would long be extinct before I finished.

Even if you don’t have a best friend or even an extremely close friend (as some of us find ourselves), you should still understand friendship minutely. We see it every moment, whether it be in the crowded hallway of a high school or on the movie screen of the cinema. So even if you haven’t experienced it, there are places where you can get the idea.

Friendship is one of the purest forms of love. Forever be grateful for your friends. You never know when you’ll lose them.


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Friends, Plain and Simple

A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are ~ Unknown

No matter where I might be, or who I might be with, or whatever emotion I might be feeling, friends are always there. Honestly, they are the greatest of them all.

I am blessed with the most amazing friends in the world. Honestly, they are so amazing and I look to the heavens to think about how truly lucky I am. They make my day better when no one else can, they provide that push I need when even my family can’t get me out of bed.

Friends are there until the end. I’ve had so many amazing friends and usually within a few years I end up leaving them, because I’m moving or because we just have too little in common that we cannot pretend to be friends anymore. But I think that any friendship, big or small, little or great, is something that is important. My longest friendship was 4 years. My shortest friendship was a month. And sure, my longest friendship (which is still going on) isn’t really deep or anything (they aren’t my best friend) but I still cherish the friendship deeply. And the shortest friendship (with whom I am no longer talking to) was really great, even if things ended badly. I consider both of these people to be people with whom I had a great time with whenever I was in their presence.

Friendship is, without a doubt, the best thing to even walk the planet. I love my friends and this post goes straight to you guys. You rock my world and turn it upside down. And for my bestie Amanda, man, what would I do without you??

So, go celebrate your friends and remember just how lucky you are to have them in your life.

Loving friendship,