My 10 All-Time Favourite Films

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved films. There’s something about watching an entire story unfold in only 90 minutes that has always entranced me. A world is revealed in a short time, in the most visual art. Cinema is my life.

my 10 alltime favourite films

And while I love to watch films in my free time, my taste in films varies by mood. I love to watch plotless films on bad days, dramatic films on weekends, and romantic comedies when I eat.Read More

How to Enjoy a Movie

I am one of those people under the belief that a movie is a sacred thing. Not sacred as the cow to the Hindus, but it’s still a pretty special thing. So much work and money goes into making a movie, so it’s only fair to watch it with a certain amount of respect. Therefore, if you want to get the best movie experience, or just want to experience a movie like this film buff, here is how you do it.

How to Enjoy a Movie the Film Buff Way

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“Let’s Go See That”

Today I went to go see The Help, which I recommend everyone go see. It is so bloody good.

As I was sitting down in the cinema, movie previews were playing. You know, the 3-5 minute film clips that get you excited for an upcoming film. They usually show about four or five of them before the film starts. And in typical movie preview fashion, they show the most exciting/interesting/action-filled scenes of the film to show. This makes you turn to the person next to you and whisper, “Let’s go see that.” I did that after each movie preview. They all look so good. Unfortunately, when the film you are actually watching starts, you only want to see one of the five amazing movie previews you just watched.

Comedian Nick Swardson has even pointed this out in his act. You don’t want to watch The Help, you want to watch The Odd Life of Timothy Green. And that’s probably one of my few problems with the film industry, which, by the way, is my favorite thing in the world.

I live for films and everything they stand for and inspire people to do. They truly are one of the magical things in our unmagical lives.

Thanks for reading everyone! It’s been kind of hard blogging without my real computer, but my mum’s been a real doll with sharing her laptop. Big hand for my mother!

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Crazy, Stupid, Phenomenal

Today I did one of my favorite things. I went to the cinema.

My mother approached me this morning to know if I wanted to go to the cinema with her to go see the new film Crazy, Stupid, Love. Not only was it a cute film, but it entertained me to no end.

Oh yeah, and Steve Carell has sex. Lots of it.

Crazy, Stupid, Love is about Cal Weaver, who has recently been told that his wife cheated on him and wants a divorce. He is devastated and throughout the film is trying to get over the hurt feelings. Cal’s 13-year-old son Robbie, meanwhile, is in love with his 17-year-old babysitter Jessica, who does not return his feelings. Robbie is obsessed with Jessica and goes to no limit to show her his love. Jessica, however, is in love with Cal, who has no idea. But this love triangle really doesn’t come into play until later in the film.

Cal, in his anger and depression over the divorce, ends up going to a popular bar, where he proceeds to complain to everyone about his misery. Overhearing Cal’s complains, Jacob Palmer, a known ladies’ man, decides to help Cal out. He dresses Cal in a new way, changes his behaviors, and helps him get his manliness back. And it does wonders for Cal. But while Jacob is helping Cal, he meets recent law school-graduate Hannah, and ends up falling in love with her.

I won’t ruin the ending for you, since I hate when people do that. But I will indulge you this: it has a happy ending. And that’s what makes a movie usually worth watching. Especially when it has to do with love.

Aren't they an adorable couple?

I really loved this film. It had so many actors and actresses that I adored. Steve Carell, Julianne Moore, Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, and Kevin Bacon. Yeah, even though he doesn’t appear in the trailers, Kevin Bacon is in Crazy, Stupid, Love. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling make a very cute couple, even though his facial hair was probably very scratchy. Steve Carell leaves behind his usual acting behavior for a more serious man that I happened to like more. And Kevin Bacon was just adorable, as usual.

Movies about love aren’t always as cracked up as they are promoted to be. Valentine’s Day with Ashton Kutcher and Hector Elizondo seemed like a really good movie about love, but ended up teaching you nothing really, even though I enjoyed it. But Crazy, Stupid, Love taught more then just how to be in love and stay in love. Actually, you learned that love comes in many shapes and sizes and that you can be in love at any age. And it was so cute. Watching Robbie trip head over heels for Jessica at 13, seeing Jacob realize he was in love with Hannah, and even with Cal standing in front of a bunch of 8th grade parents telling them he knew who his soul mate was. It was beyond cute.

So, if you want a cute film to watch with your loved one(s) or your friends or even your family, I would definitely recommend Crazy, Stupid, Love. Even look at the title of this post. ‘Crazy, Stupid, Phenomenal’. That has to tell you something 😉