Favourites Friday #43

Have you ever been able to just relax?

After eight straight months of school I am finally enjoying my own little mini “summer” until I enter the working world. But having this short break is amazing and is reminding me that there is more to life than just stress and being busy.

This week I am appreciating the little things that made this week such a lovely little break after so long of being busy and building up anxiety. These things seriously made this past week 100% more awesome.

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How to Fangirl

Fangirl: to obsess over something/someone in a way that it becomes your wallpaper.

Enthusiasm: to obsess over something/someone that it becomes a topic you enjoy talking about.

I have now described to you the slight difference between fangirling and being enthusiastic. Being a fangirl is obsession to an unhealthy level. Being an enthusiast is obsession in the normal form of fandom. My blog is, from the name, an enthusiasm blog. I like to talk about certain subjects fairly regularly, but it’s all within good fun. One of my school friends is a major fangirl. You so much as mention certain anime characters and she basically pees her pants. And if you follow YouTubers like Tyler Oakley you’ve experienced fangirling firsthand. I tried fangirling this past week, and while enthusiasm is definitely more my speed, I thought I’d give you all some tips on how you can try it too!

How to Fangirl

1. Choose a subject. Choose a famous actor, actress, band, anime character, singer, author, etc. For the purpose of this guide, I’m going to use One Direction (a popular fangirl obsession).

2. Gather as much trivia as you can. Google your subject and learn every single fact you can. Watch YouTube videos, check their Twitters, search other fangirl’s blogs. Accumulate as many facts as you can so that you may be the expert in any conversation that may come up about your subject. You have to know your facts to fangirl.

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