Best Holiday Season Ever Giveaway (Closed)

Welcome to the start of Teenage Enthusiasm’s Best Holiday Season Ever!


It is December first, which means that all of our events are kicking off today! The Instagram Challenge starts today (click here for the rules and such) and so does the start of my very first giveaway!

After much deliberation, I have finally decided to put on a giveaway to get to know all of you better and for you all to express your voices. So, let’s learn about it, yeah?

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In Defense of Enthusiasm

I discovered the word enthusiasm through the book Enthusiasm by Polly Shulman. I innocently picked it up at my school library for a book to read and instantly found a book that described who I am.

I’m an enthusiast. I get excited over things and tend to find everything about them fascinating, almost to a point where people think I’m obsessed. But it’s not obsession, it’s a profound love for what I’ve discovered.

There’s nothing wrong with it. Being an enthusiast is natural. It’s not fangirling like people assume it is. If it was then I’d have millions of actor and band names tattooed across my chest and have bed sheets with Harry Styles’ face on them. But I don’t. I have respect for the people that I am enthused by and bring them up in conversation and buy their music and watch their movies. It’s so different from fangirling but people don’t realize that.Read More