Favourites Friday No.86

This weekend is one I have been looking forward to/dreading all summer long. From an exciting new chapter in life starting {more on this later} to my company picnic to the best girl’s night, this weekend is going to be full of fun, food, and friends.


Before I get a start on this weekend, let’s focus on what made this week a great starting point for a fun-filled hectic weekend!Read More

My July Playlist

A big part of my life is music. From attending a handful of concerts each year to always having background music when I’m getting ready, I need music in my life.

my july playlist

I always have playlists set up for my mood and for July I had lots of songs on repeat. I thought today I’d share the songs that got me through this month, and maybe they’ll make it on your August playlist.Read More

Favourites Friday #59: Snowmageddon

If you’ve been keeping up with Portland weather, you’re aware of the nasty snow storm we just got. Actually, all of Oregon is basically a white wonderland. And it’s basically ruined everyone’s week.


While many can’t leave the house due to ice, and delivery pizza is a dream, I spent this week either bundling up to go to work, or vomiting in my toilet. That’s right, as the snow fell, so did my immune system. But I’m a trooper, and did my best to continue working from home while making it from my laptop to bathroom in under 30 seconds.

This week’s favourites are about how to survive Snowmageddon, and keep healthy when you’re pretty sure you’re dying. Enjoy!Read More

Seattle, Sheeran & Sleep Deprivation

Hello all, I am back from my exciting week away! I have so much to tell you, so let me start!


Seattle is one of those places that whenever I go there I immediately want to live there. I went to Seattle with two of my best friends and one of their sisters, and we stayed with the other’s older sister. Yes, I am aware that is a lot of sisters. Anyway, we’re sitting on a dock next to the Kirkland outdoor market with the ocean spread before us and I’m thinking, “I should have gone to school in Seattle. I love it here.” But alas, I do not live in a house by the water, I live in rainy Eugene.

One of my favourite parts of being there was going to the lake near the house we were staying at. Having grown up on a lake, I’ve forgotten how much I enjoy the serenity of being surrounded by water and trees and dirt. It’s a special feeling. My friends and I ended up jumping into the lake (in improper swimming attire) and it was just a blast. Here’s a video of me doing just that.


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“x” Album Review

In honour of me seeing Ed Sheeran tonight (yes, I am going to see the wonderful British music genius tonight) I am putting up my review of “x” Ed Sheeran’s latest album. This album is so amazing and I’ve been putting the songs in every playlist I’ve made for weeks, so reviewing it only seemed natural. Thought please remember that I only know my own musical tastes and that’s it. I have zero musical training (though I can play two chords on the guitar.) So, without further ado, here is my review of “x.”

If this review really gets your music vibes going, you can purchase it on iTunes. And next week I’ll let you know if it sounds just as good live! (Yes, I am internally combusting about getting to see him live because I love Ed’s music.)

“x” by Ed Sheeran

1. One

This song is slow and sweet and I always find myself singing along. A lot of Ed’s music is slower, but on this album this slower song is definitely one of my favourites. It’s just too cute and all about there only being one person for you. It’s great for car listening music.

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