How I Changed My Diet {+ 3 Easy Ways You Can Too!}

Eating well is hard. Especially considering every few years we hear that so-and-so is good for us, and now it’s bad for us, and now it’s okay as long as you do _________. As someone who could eat pizza for every meal, learning to eat healthy has been a challenge that I’ve faced head on. And won.

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Lifestyle Revolution

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They say if you don’t develop healthy habits as you grow up, you won’t have them for when you’re older and wish you had those habits. This has been on my mind a lot lately. I have been neglecting some important health and lifestyle habits that I kind of wish I had more experience with as I now try to correct them. I thought I’d share with you my journey of revolting against my bad lifestyle choices.

As most people do, I struggle with my weight. I have a penchant for eating constantly (because I justĀ really enjoy food) and I never caught on to the whole “be hot and sweaty and activity” phase as my brother has. And it’s something I’m going to fix.

I have spotty skin, which I’ve learned is not only a personal thing, but a genetic thing. Washing my face is something I’ve never enjoyed doing, and I’m trying to change it. Mostly because I’ve already gone to the dermatologist for years and I’d like to stop going completely. Plus pretty skin!

While I consider myself a productive person, I have been known to be the biggest couch potato in the world. I mean, why start organizing my room when I can take a nap? I definitely need to work on getting my bum up and getting even more accomplished. I mean, I have a lot of stuff going on *cough* blog renovation *cough*

So, now that we’ve established the lifestyle matters I need to revolt against in the hopes of improving myself as a person, let’s talk about how I’m revolting against them.Read More