New Drugstore Products I Love

There is nothing I love more than buying a beauty product for under $10. When you keep in budget, but still get to have that special treat, that’s the spot. Lately I’ve been perusing my local Target and trying out some new drugstore beauty, and boy have I found some amazing buys.

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My Favourite Beauty Products (Drugstore v High-End)

There is a constant struggle over which is better: Drugstore or high-end beauty products? Many say high-end because of the big price tag and great formulas, but many get along just fine with their $5 lipsticks.

As someone who has loved to try her fair share of both – loading up my Sephora basket more than once a week or sticking strictly to Target for big beauty hauls – I have found products on both ends of the spectrum that are amazing. So amazing that when needing to restock the only thing that matters is how much is in my bank account.

Today I’m going to share the products that have made it into my makeup bag, whether they cost $5 or $50.Read More