Favourites Friday No.89

After a week of many technical difficulties and some unexpected curve balls, I’m finally back to blogging! And in time for Favourites Friday!


This week was crazy as I am preparing for a very fun weekend (check out my Instagram this weekend to keep up!) and was dealing with a lot at work. My biggest lesson I learned this week is that sometimes you’re going to want to have an absolute hissy fit when coworkers upset you, especially when everyone is busy. But now it’s the weekend and it’s time to rejoice!Read More

Softly-Spoken Enthusiasms (July Guest Post)

Hiya Enthusiasts! Once again, I have another amazing writer here on the blog to share their talents with you! Today it is Sabrina, from Books and Bark, and I am so excited to share her with you! Her own enthusiasm for her volunteering and writing is very inspirational and I know brought back nostalgia to my time running service clubs in high school. I know you’re all going to love her because she’s such a sweetheart. Give her piece a lot of love and care because it’s super sweet. You can read the piece I wrote for her here. So, without further ado, let me welcome Sabrina to the world of Teenage Enthusiasm!


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