Inside Wizard Con

Oh my goodness do we have a lot to talk about.

On Saturday, my super awesome, totally great friend Miranda and I attended Wizard World Comic Con in Portland.


We came because Matt Smith (otherwise known as the Eleventh Doctor on Doctor Who) was making an appearance in one of the panels and Miranda needed to see him.

Both of us were Comic Con virgins, and so in the weeks leading up we were both a little nervous in what it would entail. But beside that, I think we both lived up to our true CC potentials.Read More

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Hello people of the world wide web! It is me, Morgan. After a long month of homework, tests, essays, and annotating famous essays and speeches, I finally have some real down time. No homework, no responsibilities, just some real one-on-one with my television.

But I don’t watch whatever is on television right now. I watch all of my recorded shows that have been sitting there, waiting for me to make time to watch them. Below I have made a list of the shows I currently have on my DVR. And boy, are they fantastic.

Pan Am
A fantastic little show about the stewardesses and other crew of the ‘60s Pan Am flights. I love the ‘60s and this show gives you that perfect amount of glamor. It has Christina Ricci, who I adore, and is a great show to watch!

I just started watching Merlin. The entire history behind Arthur, Merlin, Guinevere, and the rest of that story is just marvelous. So, when I found out about this show, I went downstairs, found it, recorded it, and have instantly fallen into that time period. If you love medieval thing or even just people wearing armor, this show is probably for you.

New Girl
Two episodes in and I am already hooked. This cute comedy about a broken-hearted quirky girl moving in with three guys will have your heart warm and your heart going. I love Zooey Deschanel and how for once she isn’t playing the heart throb, but the dumpee. So good and worth the watch.

A favorite of many. I’ve been watching Glee since the beginning and through the twists and the turns, I am still a devoted watcher. Maybe it’s the fact I’m in high school and know that a whole lot of this show is actually true and not just stereotyping makes it so good to me.

Doctor Who
Yeah, yeah we all know. You love Doctor Who. But I still think it’s something to DVR. I tend to DVR the old Tenth Doctor episodes since I don’t have the money right now to buy the DVDs. Pretty smart, eh?

I am in love with this show! Based on a New York City girl whose father moves her into the suburbs, where not only is everyone different but completely alien. It’s funny, fresh, and definitely a reason why 2011 has been such a good new television year.

How good is this show? The entire show is raunchy, realistic(ish), and a real laugh. I don’t enjoy myself as much as when I watch Awkward. since it is one of the best MTV shows right now. Unfortunately the first season just ended. Remember to DVR it before the season season begins!

The Big Bang Theory
The best nerd show ever. If you enjoy endless scientific one-liners, fantastic graphic t-shirts, and wonderful stereotypes, this show had better be on your DVR. If you’re not watching this, don’t even bother calling yourself a nerd Smile

And that’s it. Time to DVR, yes?

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The Tenth Doctor

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DIY: Groovy Tumbler!

In high school, everyone drinks coffee. It’s the only thing that keeps us awake for 7 grueling hours of learning. And with that huge sea of tumblers and Starbucks cups, you need to stand out.

And I have the perfect way.


  • A Create-Your-Own tumbler from Starbucks (which you can buy here)
  • Some full-size (8×11) photographs of things you love
  • Some scissors
  • A pencil

I was given a Create-Your-Own tumbler for my birthday this year, but had this old piece of patterned construction paper in it. Now, the paper is all ripped up and I want a change. And I want it to be a super amazing change. So I’m going to go from blah to brilliant in seconds.

Choose a design you want for your tumbler. Whether it be a fun design pattern or your favorite picture, it doesn’t matter. Personally, I chose the Doctor Who minimalist photo from my header because it’s really cool looking and the 3-D glasses are bloody original on a coffee tumbler.

Remove the pre-cut paper out of the tumbler. Lay it over the part of the picture you want to use. Now use the pencil and trace around the pre-cut paper. Be very careful to draw lightly and to not draw in the part you want for your tumbler.

Carefully cut out your design.

Curl your design into the mug. Be careful not to harm the edges sticking out of the cup, because if you want to take it out ever, it will be difficult to remove with crushed edges.

We’re done! You now have a super groovy, stand-out-from-the-crowd tumbler that will make sure that you are never boring or unoriginal.


Be good with your coffee consumption and be sure to share your coffee tumbler designs with me on my Facebook page (which you can reach by clicking here)!

Stay groovy 😉

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A Doctor Who Rewind

“The Doctor? Doctor Who?”

Alright, so I love Doctor Who with a bazillion pieces of my heart. I’ve mentioned that, haven’t I?

Well, as I have a week off from school and recently discovered that all of the Tenth Doctor episodes are on Instant Play on Netflix…well, let’s just say I haven’t left my sofa all day.

My *cough* obsession started two years ago. It was the first few months in my new house and we’d just gotten DIRECTV. I’ve been an Anglophile for a while, always loving England, but I didn’t really notice it until I was in 8th grade. So, when I found out I had a British television channel on my TV, well, you can imagine how excited I was.

I watched every show that looked good. I was practically obsessed. And then one Saturday, it all changed. It was May 17, 2008. I had the television all to myself and saw this show that I’d heard of through different websites. The episode was entitled ‘The Unicorn and the Wasp’ and to this day it is still one of my favorite Doctor Who episodes to date.

Have you ever had that similar nostalgic feeling like when you see the park bench you had your first kiss on, or seeing someone who has a hairstyle that you once had? I’d love to hear them.

Go nostalgia!

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In Which I Complain About Productivity

Is there anyone on this planet who likes Mondays?

Mondays are the slump of the week. From September to June it means the beginning of the school week. For adults it means the beginning of the work week. And for me, it means wake up at 6 and be productive.


I should rephrase that. I don’t hate it, but I definitely enjoy being lazy more. I always have a day or two a week where I do laundry, finish any unfinished business, organize my closet, etc. But for the rest of the week I just enjoy sitting on my sofa and watching Doctor Who and Saturday Night Live. I like sitting in my slippers and exercise shorts not doing anything. It’s just the type of person I am.


On Mondays it all changes. I get up at 6, shower, get dressed, do my hair, pack my briefcase (yes, I use a briefcase as a backpack, because it’s cool) and eat my oatmeal. Yes, I eat oatmeal. If you put enough brown sugar in it it’s like cereal. I’m flat busy from 6 o’clock to 7:20, which is when my dad get in the car to drive me and my little brother to school.

From that moment on, I’m busy like a honey bee. I go to first period, second period, third period with only five minutes of a break between each one. Then I go to lunch and have to eat and do homework almost at the same time. Fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh period all follow that with small breaks. That’s six hours of me running around and learning. Not to mention that only two of my classes don’t have the words Advanced Placement or Honors. It’s hectic. And after school I have to do homework, take my dog for a walk, eat dinner, and all of the other time-consuming things I do during the day. It’s like hell on earth. Only you get dessert every night Smile

See? Productivity is terrible. I have five days of all that and only two days of sitting around watching television and wearing slippers.

Alright. Enough of my ranting. You all have your own similar rants somewhere stored inside of you. Mondays are not lovely and they even have a song about it. So, if you are thinking, “I hate Mondays” read this and tell me why your Monday was terrible. You might find some people who sympathize.

Lots of love and caring and other forms of affection.

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Whovian Alert!

As many of you know, I love Doctor Who, so if you are also a fan, on BBC America they are having a special episode called ‘The Best of the Doctor’ that goes along Matt Smith’s journey as becoming the Eleventh Doctor. I’ve watched it and absolutely loved it. So go watch it. And if you don’t like Doctor Who, you can still check it out. It might actually turn you onto the show!

Bow ties are cool.

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Top 10 TV Awards

I love award shows. I TiVo them and watch them over and over again. The Emmys? The Oscars? MTV Movie Awards? Yes, that is how I spend my days.

So, here is my own little awards show. I have found the Top 10 Best Television Shows. Plus, I give them all their own individual awards!

10. NewsRadio

I love the idea of working at a radio station, and this show is all about that! A fun comedy that rivals Just Shoot Me. Definitely something to watch. And I watch old episodes on Hulu. Award: Best Workplace Show

9. The Twilight Zone

Paranormal, scary, creepy experiences is what this whole show is about. Between mannequins that come to life and men stalking your car, The Twilight Zone is for all of you that loved Paranormal Activity but are sick of watching it. Award: Best Paranormal Show

8. Ugly Betty

Love this show! The lesson of this show is that no matter how different you are, you can always make it. Or if you’re really attractive, feel free to make fun of ugly people. Just kidding! But I really do love this show. America Ferrera really makes a name for herself here. Award: Best Name-Calling Show

7. Rugrats

All the kids of my generation grew up watching this hilarious animation. If I could take a little trip in a time machine, I’d definitely go back to being a baby so I could stick a screwdriver in my diaper. This show is fun, kid friendly and just fantastic for all ages. Everyone should watch. Award: Best Animated Show

6. The Office

One of those shows you either love or hate. Stupid humor and classic one-liners, this show is just fun. The characters are witty/stupid/funny/confusing. The story line is always evolving and every episode is gold. Definitely something worth watching. Award: Best One-Liner Show

5. Glee

For a lot of people, this would be #1, but I think #5 suits for me. This show reaches all areas of adult/teen life. Between sexuality, love, popularity, and self-esteem, if you are having a problem with your life, watch an episode and you’ll probably learn how to cope. Very good show with an amazing cast and catchy music. Award: Best Musical Show

4. Doctor Who

Science fiction in the most interesting way. You have a flying police box, a regenerating alien and the weirdest creatures to entertain you for hours. I seriously recommend all people who love science fiction or who are very right-minded to watch this show. So fascinating. Award: Best Nerd Show

3. Arrested Development

Caught onto this show by my Acting teacher, I was immediately hooked. Jason Bateman, Michael Cera, David Cross, Portia de Rossi…that’s only half the cast and it’s already screaming for you to watch it. A great fun view of a family with some definite problems, it is a show for all people. Award: Best Dysfunctional Show

2. Gilmore Girls

I can proudly say I’ve watched every single episode of this show.  Lauren Graham absolutely charms the socks off you in this fun show, and Alexis Bledel gets her name out into the world as Graham’s bookworm daughter. It’s a cute show of a single mother and her daughter as they make a life in a small town in Connecticut. Award: Best Pop Culture Reference Show

and finally…

1. Saturday Night Live

This show definitely deserves the top award. If I could give it a little gold award, I would. Classic characters you can’t forget, hilarious skits, truly incredible actors, and an intro that makes you want to go spend a night in NYC, how could you not love SNL? If you haven’t seen any of the 36 seasons of SNL, go get with the picture and watch right now! Award: Best Skit Show


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Nerd Post #2 – Doctor Who

I am sure that in some time in the 4 months I’ve been writing this blog that I’ve mentioned Doctor Who. If I haven’t, I’m very sorry to all of the Whovians out there.


Few may know it, but I am an avid watcher of the UK Sci-Fi television program Doctor Who. And as many of you are now thinking, yes, I am a massive dork who enjoys alien time travelers and teleporting phone boxes.

Many of you have asked me certain questions of you about my opinion of the show and such (Do you like Matt Smith? What is the Tardis? Aren’t you American?) I have decided to make a little question-and-answer like area today to put you all on the right track. Enjoy! 🙂

What is Doctor Who?

Doctor Who is a Sci-Fi television program that features the Doctor, a time traveling space alien, who rides around in a blue phone box with his companion to help the world(s) with their endless troubles. He can go back in the past or forward into the future. The Doctor also never dies as each time he is dying, he regenerates and changes form. It’s fun to watch, but like all television programs, not every episode is likeable.

What is the “Tardis”?


I laughed at the person who sent this to me because they put the Tardis in quotation marks, like it has it’s own show. The “Tardis”, as it was referred to, is a time machine that contains lots of equipment and inside is about the size of a good-sized house. The funny part is that it is about the size of a normal phone box, since the chameleon circuit (which changes its shape) broke down and left it in that shape and size. It makes a perfect disguise for the Doctor, unless he is hanging out in 17th century England.

What is a companion?

A companion is someone who accompanies the Doctor on his many travels. They help with his plans and provide him company, since it is lonely being a forever-living space alien.

What is a dalek?

A Dalek! It took me about seven episodes into when I first started watching Doctor Who to find out what a Dalek was. A Dalek reminds me of R2D2, in his size and everything. So just imagine R2D2 going around killing innocent people and wanting world dominance. That’s a Dalek in the kindest way I can put it.

What do you think of Matt Smith?


For those of you who are uneducated, Matt Smith is the eleventh Doctor. And I like him. You know, I really did like David Tennant, but like every other Doctor, your time must end and someone else has to take over. And I think Matt Smith, so far, has done a really nice job as the Doctor. And I think he is quite fit, so my opinion could be swayed by that 🙂 But no, I really do like him and can’t wait to see how he brings the Doctor to life even more.

Aren’t you American?

Haha yes I am. But that’s like looking at me strangely because I’m eating a taco, since I’m obviously not Mexican. In truth, I am a true Anglophile who cannot be cured and one afternoon, sitting around my house bored to tears, I flipped to BBCA and found this charming little program Doctor Who. So, even though I am American and living red, white and blue, I watch British television and enjoy it and even write trivial little blog posts about it.

Well, thee were all of the questions that I was asked about Doctor Who. If you would like to know anything else, feel free to comment or send me an email at And..bonus stuff time!

CHAMELEON CIRCUIT! Chameleon Circuit is a Trock (Time Lord Rock) band who writes song about Doctor Who. They were featured in the official Doctor Who magazine. The band features Alex Day, Liam Dryden, Charlie McDonnell and Chris Beattie. Their music is super interesting and I love listening to it! Plus, I have a major crush on Charlie McDonnell. He’s honestly like my twin. I find it quite…weird?

Charlie McDonnell in front of the "Tardis"
It's Chameleon Circuit album artwork!

Chameleon Circuit’s “An Awful Lot of Running”


Thank you so much for reading and I hope that you’ve been completely educated on Doctor Who and that comes with the whole franchise.


P.S. I hope you are all liking my “Nerd Posts”. They are something I’m trying out, so please give me feedback!

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My Guilty Pleasures

So, I was looking through my e-mail and saw that someone had asked me to name all of my guilty pleasures. Now, since i love a good suggestion (and I want more to come!) I took this on.

Now, since we all know I am a dork, some of these won’t surprise you. But some will.

DOCTOR WHO – I started watching this programme about a year ago. I adore David Tennant. And although the doctor is always changing, now with Matt Smith, I am still in love with Doctor Who. I am a nerd.

image FRAPPUCINOS – The workers at my town’s Starbucks are always happy to see me because I always splurge on a nice, big Strawberries & Crème frappucino when the time is right. They are terribly bad for you. I’m obviously not a health food model.


GOSSIP GIRL – Yes, I am aware that Gossip Girl is full of spoiled teens, money and sex. I’m not stupid. But I can’t stop reading the books or watching the show. I love the clothes and it’s so full of suspense of who is going to stab who in the back.


POKEMON – I find myself on several occasions sitting on my porch playing Pokémon Pearl for Nintendo DS. I find it very fun and am about 3/4 the way through the entire game. And that’s mostly because I have no clue how to get past where I am. So, if anyone has beaten this game, contact me so that you may help me 🙂


And that’s most of my guilty pleasures. I am sure I have more than are not so interesting and might actually bore you. So, to keep it entertaining, I only told you these. Please feel free to share your guilty pleasures in the comments so that we all can have a good ol’ time!