Tips and Tricks: Making a Photoshop Signature!

Hello! Like I promised yesterday, we have a super awesome surprise for today, in the form of Karina from Café Kitsch! She’ll be telling you all about how to make your very own signature for your blog on Photoshop! And with me working on my renovation right now, it’s super great! And so, on to the guest post…

Hey lovely people! I’m Karina from Café Kitsch and I’m here to share one of my favorite things to do: Text Editing with Photoshop! Just so you know, I tailored this tutorial to fit those of you who want a custom signature. But it can be used to make custom headers, footers, buttons, etc. I hope I help some of you with your Photoshop woes (trust me, I know how frustrating some of this stuff can be).


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