Enthusiastic Eats: Lemon Garlic Shrimp Pasta

Who’s ready for another very easy, very affordable meal by someone who loves cooking, but has very little patience.


Today’s recipe comes from all of my favourite things to eat (lemon, garlic, shrimp, pasta) and the fact that one pot meals are the only meals I am interested in making. I love being in the kitchen, but not while doing the dishes. This pasta dish is perfect for comfort night, but healthy enough to not feel guilty for having a second helping. And there’s tons to share with that special someone!

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10 Recipes Every College Student Should Know

This week I went back to babysitting the kids I used to watch when I’m in high school. I feel like the older sister who came back from college and is now here to impart wisdom upon my younger brother and sister.

In reality, they think I’m their best friend and like to try the cool things I tell them, as I am a decade older than them and seem very hip with my cropped skinny jeans and penchant for chai lattes.

While making them lunch they asked what I ate in college and it made me realize how much I blossomed in making easy, cheap meals the last three years. It’s truly an art as a broke girl who loves fine cooking.

I thought today I’d impart on those heading back to school this month the recipes that got me a fantastic GPA – and through very boring lecture halls with 200 students.Read More

Favourites Friday #44


The best part of being home, in my opinion, is being able to cook. My parents have a big kitchen and a pantry filled of every little ingredient I could possibly need. When I’m home I’m always in the kitchen trying a special new recipe that has a 50/50 chance of being good.

This week I tried out a few new recipes and they were all so delicious I figured I had to share them with you so you can also have a yummy week!

Let the cooking begin!

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The Enthusiast's Easy One-Pot Pasta

If you live in my house, we love pasta.

From diving into a bag of Trader Joe raviolis to four boxes of penne in the pantry, Hegartys love pasta. Mostly Morgan. Morgan really loves pasta.

And now that I live on my own, I like to have pasta probably once a week as my comfort dinner when I have a rough day or don’t get until late and just want to watch TV. It’s impossible for your day to not get better when you have pasta.

Because I love pasta so much, finding new recipes and experimenting is what I do. From deciding that olive tapenade makes the perfect topping, to finding that olive oil trumps butter in every instance, finding a new recipe, or one that is better than the original, is just really exciting! And this week, after being bugged down with the flu and no bread for PB&J, I got creative with my pasta.Read More

7 Recipes to Make Your Life Easier

Like most college students, I do not have time to cook after a day of classes and work. I barely have time to read, let alone stand next to a stove. But no fear, there are plenty of easy recipes (and not just bake and serve) that will keep you fed and happy no matter how much time you have to cook.

These recipes are super simple and are great as leftovers too. The ideal meal is one that doesn’t take a long time to make, is delicious, filling, and gives me lots of time to finish my calc homework. All of these recipes fit those criteria, which is about to make your every day life about 100% better.

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