Signs You're An Internet Kid

There are several factors of me that are incredibly obvious. I am a journalist, as shown by my constant need to write and ask questions. I am an Anglophile, as shown by my complete love of the culture and inability to stop using British slang. I am an Internet kid, as shown by my completely ridiculous use of time on the web.

I don’t really know exactly when I started devoting my life to the Internet. I guess if I look for a definite date I would say the day I started this blog. That was the day I really started spending my time searching the Internet for myself. News articles, Tumblr, and other bloggers really became my life around then. I don’t think a day (unless you count camping adventures) has gone by where I’m not attached to my laptop, looking for the latest in celebrity gossip or checking CNN or responding to comments. I am an Internet kid, simple as that.

If you’re like my dad, who didn’t grow up with the culture I have, you are probably guilty of thinking I am addicted and am insane. I am not. Some people enjoy sports, others enjoy cooking, and I enjoy the expanse of knowledge and creativity that is the Internet. And that’s how I spend my time, trying to discover all four corners of the expansive web.Read More

So, Thank You Internet (March Guest Post)

It’s time for my March guest post! I have been building up the excitement for this for a week or so now and I am so excited to finally share it! This month I am excited to bring you Haley from Her Mirror! Haley is a new friend on the blogging scene, but I have grown incredibly close to her in such a short time! She is my Blogging Little Sis and it’s been amazing working together with her on this post. You’ll learn quickly while reading this that we haveĀ a lot in common. I know you will all fall in love with her as you read, so make sure to leave her super sweet feedback! So, here’s Haley, the fabulous March guest blogger about to grace your screen!


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