Guest Post: Your Girl Curlz

Hiya Enthusiasts! Because of the absolutely crazy week I’ve had with touring San Francisco, meeting Meghan Trainor, and working full work days, a blog post is kind of thing for next week. But because I love you all so much, you deserve a new post! That’s why Alex from Your Girl Curlz (otherwise known as my travel/cuddle/concert buddy) has something great written for you!



Hola, Enthusiasts!

Curlz here! Morgan has been so lovely as to let me write on her blog! Isn’t that awesome? The answer is yes. That is awesome.

We recently went to a concert in San Francisco. We took the city by the hand and made it our bestie! The trip was amazing and I know we will both have so many memories from it. Our trip also got me thinking about something…Read More

Seattle, Sheeran & Sleep Deprivation

Hello all, I am back from my exciting week away! I have so much to tell you, so let me start!


Seattle is one of those places that whenever I go there I immediately want to live there. I went to Seattle with two of my best friends and one of their sisters, and we stayed with the other’s older sister. Yes, I am aware that is a lot of sisters. Anyway, we’re sitting on a dock next to the Kirkland outdoor market with the ocean spread before us and I’m thinking, “I should have gone to school in Seattle. I love it here.” But alas, I do not live in a house by the water, I live in rainy Eugene.

One of my favourite parts of being there was going to the lake near the house we were staying at. Having grown up on a lake, I’ve forgotten how much I enjoy the serenity of being surrounded by water and trees and dirt. It’s a special feeling. My friends and I ended up jumping into the lake (in improper swimming attire) and it was just a blast. Here’s a video of me doing just that.


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