Favourites Friday #61: Easy Weekend

Is it just me, or do we all need a six-month weekend?

February is turning into a busy month for me, so my weekends are becoming a luxury I can’t afford to waste. I need to maximize my 48 hours of relaxation and pampering. Which is what this Favourites Friday is all about.


Let’s see exactly what tools we all need to have a relaxing, easy weekend that prepares us for all the meetings and emails we have to face on Monday.Read More

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The Enthusiasm Spreads

This post is long overdue and is something I have been meaning to write for ages. It is basically my thank you note to you all, for all you’ve done for me. And since it is a thank you note, I’m going to write it that way. Because who doesn’t love receiving thank you notes?

Dear Enthusiasts,

2 years, 11 months, and 14 days ago I decided to write my first blog post. It was basically a post saying I would be posting every week because of Post-a-Week 2011, but it was still a blog post. Today, this thing you are reading is my 407th post. That means 406 posts have passed in a little under three years, and with each post I have grown. Not just physically and emotionally, but with a community of amazing readers who have made these 407 posts happen.

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