A Change Has Come {And Why It Was Needed}

There is a chance that if you are reading this you are noticing that The Enthusiast looks different today. Actually, it looks very different. A change has come to The Enthusiast as all great things change, and after six years, I figured it was time for a facelift. A better look, better content, better me.

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” – Maya Angelou

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Change Your Life

However, if some part of your life doesn’t feel right – change it.”

-Phylis Fagrelius

For my eighteenth birthday my mother asked family and friends to send letters to me containing love and words of advice for the future. My fifth grade teacher sent me one of these letters. While reading it, one particular part caught my eye; the quote above. “However, if some part of your life doesn’t feel right – change it.”

This quote has particular meaning to me as it is something that I’m trying really hard to apply to my life. Change is something that is scary and intimidating, and sometimes very scary. However, you’re only doing yourself injustice if you don’t change for your own betterment.

This year I have done a lot of changing what doesn’t feel right in my life. It’s something that I ignored for the longest time and in the end I was unhappy and not living to my full potential. And when I look back at it, the only person I have to blame is myself. There are many aspects you can change that in your life, and I thought I’d share my own experiences and hope that my stories will inspire you to see if you are really doing what is right for you. Here it goes!

How Morgan Ended Up Liking Life More

Grades. I’ve been really lucky my entire life in that I am naturally gifted with brains. I refuse to brag about it, but I am so blessed to have school be relatively easy for me. However, this year for the first time I was really challenged with classes I’ve never had trouble with before. A life-long quirk of mine is that I don’t ask for help when it comes to school. But after receiving a D in my Pre-Calc/Trig class, I had never felt so bad in my life. This wasn’t the grade that I knew I should receive. So I started up working with a tutor and asking my teacher for help. I ended the class with a solid B and felt that I really had learned something about Trigonometry. Sometimes facing the fact that you need help can end up with a better GPA.

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