How to Save on a Millennial Salary

When you’re in your twenties it’s hard to keep track of all this spending that you’re doing for the first time. Not even playing grocery store as a toddler could.

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As a early twentysomething who is dealing with real time budgeting for the first time, the harsh reality of spending my money on something other than cute tops and iTunes. But I’ve quickly adjusted to the adult life and have found the best ways to save when you’re making less money than your parents.

I’ve compiled the five ways that ensure there’s always money in my bank account, and a little extra for when I need cute tops and iTunes.Read More

Decorating Tips for College Living

Living on a college budget and still having a beautifully decorated space is one of life’s biggest challenges. I understand skrimping pennies, but I also believe a gorgeous home boost happiness and productivity. So why not save money and have a beautiful home?

Living with great decor is a lot easier than imagined, and it doesn’t have to come with a designer’s budget to pull it off. Simply choosing pieces that look high end, or using a great deal of creative designing, can easily make your tiny dorm/apartment space look amazing. And you won’t need to eat ramen the rest of the week!

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The Art of Traveling for Less

I recently had to write an article on how to have the “best trip ever.” I believe the article turned out pretty fair, but the one issue I always find in writing articles is not being able to use myself as a source. Not that I’m saying I am a perfect source for everything, but if there’s one thing I know, it’s travel. And if I’m not an expert with a certain aspects, both my parents are avid travelers and together we make a travel book of knowledge. So, in this case, I am a great source.

After planning for my trip to Utah back in March (so many gas calculations, too little days in SLC) I learned that planning travel is a career that if this journalism thing doesn’t work I could definitely fall back on. And now, as I prepare to go to California in September for my upcoming nuptials to a band member, I realize that traveling for less is my superpower. Move over Cal Pal, Morgan is in the building.

They especially love yellow and green when they are Oregon Ducks.

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