Favourites Friday No.81

Who else is excited for July 4th weekend? There are just so many options. Barbecues. Swimming pools. Fireworks. Red, white, and blue. And those are just some of my favourites for this holiday.


And to prepare for this week, Portland has been especially hot, especially last weekend. My apartment reached record highs and it’s taken days to get all the hot air out. That’s why this week’s favourites are focused on everything I have used to stay cool for the summer.Read More

Favourites Friday #27


Taking care of yourself is so important. From your emotions to your health to your appearance, taking care of every aspect of yourself is something that many forget to do. And that’s why this week was about taking care of Morgan.

When things get stressful I like to take some time to myself to make sure I am still focusing on me and how I can better myself. And that’s why this Favourites Friday is dedicated toward products that better different aspects of yourself to make you look and feel like the best you, which is what is most important. Because when you feel good, you are good.

I hope these products help you to spend some more time on yourself and feel special during a tough or busy week.

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