The Best Breakfast: Overnight Oats

Happy Monday! Do a little stretch, pour some coffee, and let’s read about the best, easiest breakfast I have ever discovered.


I am a morning person, but I am no-fuss breakfast person. If it can’t be made in less than seven minutes I am not interested. That’s why poached eggs, smoothies, and cereal are favourites in my house. But lately I’ve been turning to overnight oats for a breakfast that takes no time in the morning.Read More

Not Your Average Poached Eggs

I love poached eggs. They are the one kind of egg I feel confident making (yes, even over scrambled) and when I can find a delicious change to plain poached eggs on toast, then I am very happy!


Today I will be sharing my recipe for Not Your Average Poached Eggs. It’s a small but flavorful twist to the classic, and definitely one for the books. Enjoy!Read More

My Favourite Fall Breakfast: Pumpkin Honey Overnight Oats

As the leaves begin to fall and the need for a jacket in the evening becomes necessary, it’s time to switch from eggs and fruit to something a bit more hearty for breakfast.

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As autumn is time for pumpkin and brown sugar and crockpot soup, I love a good bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. And something I can make the night before and just heat up the next morning (or eat cold) is exactly the kind of breakfast I want when I’d rather just stay in bed than face the bitter wind.

This recipe steals from multiple overnight oat recipes I’ve seen in the last year and I’ve made it so it’s just perfect for me. I hope you love my pumpkin overnight oats as much as I do!Read More

The Easiest Breakfasts for the Busiest People

I am a bum in the morning. I watch Netflix in bed until the last possible moment, and am always rushing out the door with breakfast in a paper towel and about 10 minutes to get across town. It’s not exactly the perfect way to promote a healthy breakfast situation.

But after years of this practice, I have found the perfect “busy bee” breakfasts that promote eating in the morning (which is so important) and not wasting a single moment in the morning. Because what could be better than that? These breakfasts are easy, take relatively no time, and are going to keep you up and running until that lunch bell finally rings.

Bon appetit!Read More

The Enthusiast's Perfect Granola Meal

I love eating healthy, but more importantly I love eating delicious food.

I’ve been on a health kick lately, eating baked chicken in almost every meal and my water intake up the wing wam. So finding something that is so delicious that I can barely stop the temptation for seconds, yet not giving me a heartache, is a rare find. But I’ve found something that fits that objective and I probably eat at least once a day because of how delicious it is. Are you ready to find out what it is?

It’s my Perfect Granola Meal.Read More