Morgan’s Insane Week

I know this is a day late, but once you hear my very valid excuse I’m sure you’ll forgive me.

Or so I hope.

This week started out very normal. You never would have suspected that I would end up having a week filled with events that made being around my laptop nonexistent.

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My Mouth is the Opening Scene of Les Mis

Let me take you back to May of 2012. After years and years of having gaps in my teeth and an unaligned jaw, I was incredibly excited to start the process of braces so I could have a great looking mouth.

Now let’s fast forward to July 2013. I go to the orthodontist and they say, “Yeah, you’ll get them off in September. In the meantime, wear these rubber bands.”

The only way to accurately describe the pain in my mouth is to watch the opening scene of Les Mis.

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Invasion of the Mouth Occupiers

Yesterday was a day I’ve been waiting for since I was in sixth grade. It was the day I got my full set of braces on.

In the weeks before my appointment, I was looking forward to my braces. I would finally get straight teeth! However, in the 30 hours since I had them tacked to my teeth, it’s been nothing like I imagined. Here are some of the observations I’ve made in the last 30 hours.

  • My mouth feels like a small metal person has decided to attach themselves to my teeth. I can barely close my lips.

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April Favorites

It’s April! April is my favorite month, for multiple reasons. First, I get to celebrate my birthday!!!!!! Second, it’s my last month until I finally get braces. Third, student elections are this month, and I’m running.

I’m pretty excited for my birthday. Only 23 more days until I turn the big 1-7. I seriously love birthday, even ones that aren’t my own. And considering this year my birthday falls on a Wednesday, my lucky day, it should be extra special.

I haven’t mentioned it yet, but in May I will be getting braces. Every single person who I have mentioned this to has looked at me in horror and foretold, “You’ll look so bad in your Senior pictures!” Honestly, I have been waiting for perfect teeth since I was in fifth grade and a picture that will be irrelevant to me by the time Freshmen year ends is not important to me. April is the last month before my teeth are metal-ized for 14 months.


Student elections are a new adventure for me. I am running for Senior Class Secretary. Elections are the day after my birthday, so I’m hoping for some birthday magic. Being in Leadership this year made me realize that one person can do a lot for their school, so being Secretary can help me prove that and help me show off my awesome note-taking skills.

How are you going to spend this awesome month?