Favourites Friday #71: Old New Favourites

A little nostalgia hurt no one. Or at least that’s what I’ve been telling myself.


This week, as I’ve been loading up on audiobooks for my car and trying to get the most out of my library card, I have been taking a trip down memory lane with all the books that made up my adolescence. Whether they helped me through a tough time, or simply made me laugh, it’s been nice to revisit them as an adult.Read More

Your #InternationalWomen’sDay Book List

Today is International Women’s Day, and I am so proud to be standing side-by-side with so many amazing women in this world. Everyone deserves a voice, and it is a day like today that reminds us what a voice women have.

Some of these voices are shown in literature in amazing feminist books that everyone should read. They make us laugh, they inspire us to action, or they tell a story of exactly what life has been like for women in the past. I hope you will take time during Women’s History Month and read a few.

#InternationalWomensDay Book List

*Note: These books are only a few of great books that I’ve read (that are more mainstream), there are many more out there (that are amazing and just not as popular on Barnes & Noble shelves) and I encourage you to open up your library like I will be doing this month.Read More

The Social Media Tag (aka, Book Bragging)

A few weeks ago (yeah, I’m really behind on my organization) I was tagged by Sabrina from Books and Bark in the Social Media Tag. This tag is cool and different and I thought, “Hey, let’s reconnect with those books you’re always attempting to write.”

Last summer I gave myself the challenge to write an entire book. And, oddly enough, I actually accomplished that goal. It took until the very last day of summer (to be finished right before 12am) but it’s a real thing now. And definitely one of the more mature pieces I’ve ever written in terms of writing. I’ve chosen this novel for the tag. Let’s begin!

The Social Media Tag
(Or Where We Shamelessly Discuss My Book)

Describe your plot in 140 characters or less.

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And I Will Always Love You, Seamus Finnigan

On Sunday, another article from me was published on Huffington Post. I’m not going to lie, this one is definitely something funny and goofy and if it doesn’t make you giggle a bit, you are reading it wrong.

In this post I defend secondary characters in books and how fantastic they are, along with my favorite, Seamus Finnigan. I have, and always will be, an enthusiast, and this article is an enthusiast’s way to defend characters.

Below I have posted the teaser and I hope you like it and start to see Seamus Finnigan (and other fantastic secondary characters) a different way.



At some point we have fallen in love with the main character of a book or film. These characters are designed to draw the audience in, of which they do a fantastic job. And while we fawn over these characters and paste them on our walls, we forget some of the most priceless characters of the films, the ones we really should be crushing on.

The secondary characters.

I have been in love with Seamus Finnigan since I was six years old. That is when I read my first Harry Potter book, and the first film came out, and I was introduced to my absolute favorite secondary character.

All the other kids were going on and on about Harry Potter and how cool he was, “The Chosen One.” But no one seemed to notice the absolute brilliance that was Seamus Finnigan. He is the kid who blows things up (usually blasting off his eyebrows) and has this adorable Irish accent. If you weren’t in love with Seamus Finnigan when I was six, I didn’t think we could be friends. CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE HERERead More

Books I Know You’ll Love

You know what I haven’t done in a while? Recommendations!

I built this blog on talking about the things I enjoy and I haven’t made lists of books or movies that I suggest you read/watch. Let’s change that, yeah?

I’ve been very bad this summer. While I usually spend most of it curled on the couch or on a towel reading novel after novel, I have failed to do so this summer. Maybe it’s because it’s uncomfortably hot or that I am finally finding other ways to occupy myself during the summer. But that’s not a valid excuse as I love reading and I have spent far too much time not losing myself in a good book.

In high school I did a lot of reading. Books that made me laugh, cry, etc. So I now present to you my master list of books that I am taking with me to university because I never want them to leave my sight, they are that good. I hope you will give these books a chance and if you do end up reading them or have read them, give me a comment or shoot me an email (teenenthusiasm@gmail.com) and we can have a chat about them!

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