My Favourite Blushes

As a fair-skinned woman who looks like a ghost when I wake up after my zzz’s, blush is my best friend.

Over the years I have tried many different blushes and found ones I love for colour, texture, and wearability. It is only when I really love a blush that I buy it again. Below are the blushes that have made it into my makeup bag again and again.Read More

Winter Beauty Essentials

It’s winter! Winter is such a beautiful season. Everything is frosty and frozen. And your skin dries up and your complexion is peaky. This means it’s time to rev up your beauty/skincare routine for the winter season. Hardcore, lightweight moisturizers. Pale, translucent eye shadow. Subtle, high-pigment blushes. Winter beauty has a very selective variation of products that are essential to looking great. And I have figured them all out!

As you enter the holiday season remember these beauty tips and tricks to make sure you do the season in style – and with no dry, flaky skin.

Let’s get beautiful!Read More