Talk About It Tuesdays 5: Month Long Blogging

Everyday Enthusiasm Day 30: Talk About It Tuesday

Talk About It Tuesdays

Well guys, today is the last day of Everyday Enthusiasm. This means that I successfully blogged every single day of September. Despite the concerts, the moving, the complete laziness that is me on summer vacation, I managed to create new content every day. And that’s amazing.

It’s TAIT Tuesday and I really just want to talk about the process of blogging for a whole month. Because a lot of you have never blogged and probably don’t know the whole deal behind creating new content every day. It’s not some willy nilly process that it looks like (because I’m aware that my style is nonexistent, but there is effort that goes in.)Read More

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Announcing Everyday Enthusiasm

After much debate, I’ve decided to post every day in September. Yep, that does mean Enthusiast every day for a whole month! *hears distant sounds of Enthusiasts screaming in excitement*

Everyday Enthusiasm Header

Starting tomorrow, Everyday Enthusiasm is going to be bracing your screen with exciting new content! I’m so excited to be announcing this because I’ve always wanted to do something like this, but never really had the time to put it together. But now it’s all coming to life! Now, because I need to save my typing fingers for a month of enthusiasm, I’m going to explain Everyday Enthusiasm and then drink a smoothie. Let’s go, team!Read More

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Commenting: Time to Speak Out

As all bloggers do, I encourage all of my readers to comment on my posts to share their thoughts. Two  years ago, I wrote a post about boys and told my readers to comment on it, so that I may help them. This was a gigantic mistake on my part, and today I would like to talk about why.

Almost daily I receive comments very similar to this one.

I like this boy and I am shy. How do I get him to like me? HELP ME ASAP!

No hello, please, thank you, or anything. They don’t even address me by name! It is hurtful for me to basically be treated as an advice slave by a bunch of teenage girls because they don’t know how to use their commenting manners. Sometimes it irritates me so much that I will deliberately not answer a comment for days because I feel hurt. Yes, like all human beings, my feelings do get hurt.

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My College Blogging Rules

In 2012 I wrote a blog post about my blogging rules. While I wrote it to be a quick read while I was traipsing about Europe for a week, many found it very helpful for keeping up their own blogs. The information in that post was great for people who are just starting blogs or who have dedicated blogging as a job. However, in my current position at university, I have found that there are some blogging rules that definitely should be added to the list. I don’t have the time I used to, and the constant flow of work takes up some of my more creative idea time. Therefore, I have made a new list of rules that are great for people who have less time to blog, but who still love doing it and want to continue!

My College Blogging Rules

1. Write your posts beforehand

Blogging once a week is great, but let’s be real. Having actual time to sit down and write a decent blog post once a week doesn’t actually happen. We just have too many assignments and real life things going on. To make sure your posts come out once a week, and they aren’t written at 2am after you finish your term paper, write your posts beforehand. When I went to Europe I wrote two posts the week before that I could publish while I was traveling. Find a weekend or a free night and write a blog post or two. With me now taking on several more credits (and a 300-level course) along with general life things, writing a post before is going to save my life. As we speak I’m taking the hour between my morning classes and writing posts for the next month in case my schedule picks up even more. Writing beforehand is a genius idea, and I highly recommend it to you.Read More

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Fame Didn't Change Me, It Made Me

There was a  point last month where I realized something. I had, in some small way, made it big.

It started with my couple journeys to being Freshly Pressed and moved onto my articles on Huffington Post Teen. From there, it was the influx of Twitter followers, closely followed by the vast number of blog subscribers I was accumulating every day. It was an insane amount of people coming into my life, and I wasn’t sure how to react.

I hate to call this fame, but in a way it is. Writers and bloggers aren’t celebrated in the same ways as actors or vloggers. We are subtle in our art and rarely truly celebrated for our work. It’s not that we aren’t appreciated, it just isn’t done with people making Twitter accounts using our names.Read More

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Look Mummy, I’m 3


We’ve having a birthday party!

Three years ago today, I sat down with my laptop and decided to start a blog. I named the blog “Teenage Enthusiasm” because I am a teenager (15 at the time) and am, and always will be, an enthusiast.

Upon starting my blog, I did not see myself garnering any sort of audience. I write for myself and,let’s face it, I was a young girl living in a small town. My dreams of writing weren’t incredibly ambitious.Read More

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The Enthusiasm Spreads

This post is long overdue and is something I have been meaning to write for ages. It is basically my thank you note to you all, for all you’ve done for me. And since it is a thank you note, I’m going to write it that way. Because who doesn’t love receiving thank you notes?

Dear Enthusiasts,

2 years, 11 months, and 14 days ago I decided to write my first blog post. It was basically a post saying I would be posting every week because of Post-a-Week 2011, but it was still a blog post. Today, this thing you are reading is my 407th post. That means 406 posts have passed in a little under three years, and with each post I have grown. Not just physically and emotionally, but with a community of amazing readers who have made these 407 posts happen.

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The Conflict of Content

I was sat in my J201 lecture today and my professor said something that made me think and immediately rush home after lecture to write down my thoughts on the topic because I had to share this with someone.He said,

“What makes a journalist? How is a writer for the New York Times different from your everyday blogger? What makes some content more important than others?”

And it totally puzzled me.

Here I am, an eighteen-year-old blogger with hopes of becoming a journalist and writing about every imaginable topic and I can’t even answer the question of whether hard news or me discussing my thoughts on dorm food is actual journalism content.

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Confessions of a Writer

From writing essays in school to typing up a blog post each week to trying to finish my summer novel (only a few more chapters to go), I guess you could call me a writer.

There are two kinds of writers. Those who create a literary work and modestly say that while it exists, it is not the best written or even well written. And then there are those who create something and believe it is the work of the Lords above and everyone should read this beautiful piece of art. I fall into the first category. No matter how much work or effort is put into a piece, I accept it for what it is. Moderate.

I’ve been writing for a long time, but only on the Internet for a few short years. In this time you’ve allowed me to experiment in many forms and grow my writing abilities. Over this time you have also asked me questions. While I have answered some of them, I have kept a short list of questions you have had for me in my writing process, especially on blog posts and novels. I’m going to share my answers now.

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The Party Girl Has Died (A Q&A)

Hey! I’m under the weather again, which means only one thing: A Question & Answer! As always, send me your questions and I will answer them. And this time you guys had some very…interesting questions, so let’s begin!

1. Who are five people who inspire you?

My mom, my dad, Anderson Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, and Audrey Hepburn.

2. Will you continue to blog when you go to university?

Yes. It will only be about once a week, but I will definitely continue writing on here.

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