Why My Dad is My Best Friend

Happy birthday to the most amazing dad on the planet!

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Go Ducks! Graduated nearly 30 years apart.

One of the hardest things about being an adult with a job and 10am math class is that there is no luxury of going home whenever you want. So today I can’t be there for my BFF’s birthday, but he’s in my thoughts. And to make up for being 300 miles away, here’s a blog post on why my dad is my best friend…and the best.

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20 Things I Learned at 20

Happy birthday to me!

I am now at the ripe age of 21, which means I now plan on having wine parties during my cheesecake parties. Other than that, not much else of my life will change. I’m still the same ol’ Morgan, just a year older and a whole lot wiser than April 25, 2015.

As I like to do on my birthday, I have compiled a list of lessons I have learned in the last year. They are things that I think are not only important for me as a growing person, but things that I believe we all need a reminder of as we grow older. Each year I learn so many beautiful life lessons and it would be a shame not to share them with the world, so instead of y’all giving me a present, I’m giving you 20 present pieces of advice!Read More

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The 20 Year Old Thing (A Q&A)

It’s been a crazy week. My birthday, midterms, lots of lots of film screenings and life in general have made everything crazy. And that’s why it’s time for a Q&A to calm things down!

I Turned 20 and Stuff is Going On (A Q&A)

What’s going on with you right now?

A million and nine things. And that’s okay. I’m dealing with all of it one thing at a time and luckily I have the most amazing support system to make sure that I don’t completely implode.

How was your birthday?

AMAZING! My boyfriend and best friends worked together to surprise me by getting all of them in a Eugene Olive Garden. It was so great to have all my fave people with me on my birthday, but it was hard not having my family there. Hopefully next year I can have them all!Read More

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19 Things I Learned at 19

I turn 20 on Saturday. I am physically not ready.

Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 6.44.15 PM
So, 19 was a good year, yeah?


I made my career on being a teenager, and I’m two days out from leaving my teenage years behind. Being a teenager has defined me so much, and as sad as I am to let it all go, I accept that we all get older. My 20s will be a great time – I truly believe that – but being 19 was a year that truly taught me a lot about myself. As I do every year before my birthday (check out my posts from 17 and 18) I am making a list of all the life lessons I learned from April 25, 2014 to now. 19 was an interesting year (finished my first year of university, moved into my first apartment, got my first boyfriend) and it taught me so much about myself and others. I hope that this list teaches you a lot too.

Here’s to the 19 things that made up last year and the 20 things that will make up this year!Read More

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The Love Whisperer (A Q&A)

The time has come again for a little Q&A, where I answer the questions that have been littering my inbox for weeks now.

Tell us about a crush you’ve had.

This is so embarrassing. Seriously, this guy probably has no idea I had a crush on him for six years. Then again, it wasn’t like I was super obvious about it because I could barely speak in his presence.. I had this crush on this guy who I went to middle & high school with and I still think he’s adorable when he shows up on my Facebook newsfeed. But yeah, I used to punch him in the shoulder because I thought it was cute. It was not. I used to get very flustered in his presence. It was unattractive. I don’t think it was until I was a senior in high school that I finally put on my big girl panties and actually had a normal conversation with him without awkwardly melting into a puddle. Yeah, crush-y Morgan is not exactly girl power Morgan.

I don’t understand the BLS/BBS thing.

Meet Haley, my Blogging Little Sis. Basically, Haley is another blogger on this awesome Internet thing. Haley and I have had quite a bit of interaction through Twitter and Huffington Post Teen and it led to me mentoring her (called a Blogging Big Sis). Of course, I’ve grown to love her as my blogging buddy and so we’ve started a little family. She’s so supportive of everything I’ve done and I am the same way with her. She’s also absolutely hilarious and our chats are fantastic. So yeah, the BLS/BBS thing is two girls working together to change the world one blog post at a time.Read More

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18 Things I Learned at 18

We learn a lot in a year. So much goes on in 365 days, and as each 365 days pass a compilation of life lessons are taught.

18 never looked this good.

Tomorrow I turn 19 (best Friday ever, am I right?) and that means I’ve had roughly 365 days to learn some valuable life lessons. And this year was a doozy when it came to growing up. I graduated high school, moved out of the house, and started university. My whole life changed pretty drastically. But it was not for naught, as I now have a whole bunch of new life lessons that I can share with you! Last year I gave you 17 Things I Learned at 17 and a lot of you found it helpful for your own lives. I hope this year’s batch of fresh knowledge can be just as helpful.

Let’s get started on those life lessons, yeah?

18 Life Lessons From Your Local, Internet 18-Year-Old

1. Whatever scares you can make you stronger.

2. You are the cumulation of all the things you love.

3. Staying at home does not affect your “cool” factor.

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Look Mummy, I’m 3


We’ve having a birthday party!

Three years ago today, I sat down with my laptop and decided to start a blog. I named the blog “Teenage Enthusiasm” because I am a teenager (15 at the time) and am, and always will be, an enthusiast.

Upon starting my blog, I did not see myself garnering any sort of audience. I write for myself and,let’s face it, I was a young girl living in a small town. My dreams of writing weren’t incredibly ambitious.Read More

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Well it’s here. I’m no longer a teenager. Maybe I should change the name of this blog. Adult Enthusiasm.

Just kidding! That’s the worse name ever!

But yes, I did turn 18 this week. Turning 18 is something that has been terrifying me forever. A few weeks ago I wrote a post a little about my pre-adulthood jitters, which you can read here. I’ve been scared to turn 18. The responsibility I feel two days in and the fact that I’ll be living on my own in only a few shorts months has me absolutely frightened. But before we get into that, let’s get into the fun part of being 18.

(Note, I also hit 500 subscribers late on the 24th, so that was a really amazing birthday present too!)

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A Post in Which I May or May Not Brag About My Birthday

…I don’t like to brag, but, my birthday was yesterday. Yay!!!!

My birthday is one of my favorite days of the year. And it’s not because it’s all about me and I get to eat unmonitored amounts of cake. I like my birthday because it’s a time that family and friends get together and we all have a really nice time. And that’s special.

Turning 17 has been a real eye-opener. It’s finally hitting me that this is my last year of being a child. In 364 days I will be an adult, someone who can vote and go to jail. Wrapping my head around it is proving to be impossible. I’m only a ninth of the way around!

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April Favorites

It’s April! April is my favorite month, for multiple reasons. First, I get to celebrate my birthday!!!!!! Second, it’s my last month until I finally get braces. Third, student elections are this month, and I’m running.

I’m pretty excited for my birthday. Only 23 more days until I turn the big 1-7. I seriously love birthday, even ones that aren’t my own. And considering this year my birthday falls on a Wednesday, my lucky day, it should be extra special.

I haven’t mentioned it yet, but in May I will be getting braces. Every single person who I have mentioned this to has looked at me in horror and foretold, “You’ll look so bad in your Senior pictures!” Honestly, I have been waiting for perfect teeth since I was in fifth grade and a picture that will be irrelevant to me by the time Freshmen year ends is not important to me. April is the last month before my teeth are metal-ized for 14 months.


Student elections are a new adventure for me. I am running for Senior Class Secretary. Elections are the day after my birthday, so I’m hoping for some birthday magic. Being in Leadership this year made me realize that one person can do a lot for their school, so being Secretary can help me prove that and help me show off my awesome note-taking skills.

How are you going to spend this awesome month?