Favourites Friday No.86

This weekend is one I have been looking forward to/dreading all summer long. From an exciting new chapter in life starting {more on this later} to my company picnic to the best girl’s night, this weekend is going to be full of fun, food, and friends.


Before I get a start on this weekend, let’s focus on what made this week a great starting point for a fun-filled hectic weekend!Read More

My Favourite Eyebrow Products

If you have looked at any beauty trends over the past few years, you’ve likely seen that eyebrows have come back into style. And as someone with a funny eyebrow shape, it has been a blessing and a curse.

my favourite brow products

I have a naturally straight straight brow shape, with a small dimple right above my left brow. This has made for a strong decade of brow waxing and tweezer pinching. And now I’ve added products to shape, fill, and comb to keep my brows looking fabulous.Read More

Favourites Friday No.78

After several weeks of busy schedules, and weekends of traveling, I am finally done with a long stretch of zero relaxing. All I plan to do for the next two days is sit on my sofa, drink iced tea, and enjoy life.


This past week was quite a roller coaster. Starting out with a beautiful tour of Oregon wine country and ending with scheduling more meetings than I thought possible, I am always thankful for getting through.Read More

Favourites Friday #31

This week was a week to spread my wings and just let anything happen.

I like to play it safe, and by playing it safe I tend to lean toward the same things over and over again. Cheesy popcorn, modest clothes, neutral blush, etc. That’s who I’ve always been because that’s where I feel most comfortable. So in the spirit of my life completely changing (T-three weeks until graduation!) I thought maybe it was time I explored a little bit and tried things out of my comfort zone. Yes, they’re maybe small changes to you, but for me they were HUGE.

Sometimes being the wild card in your own life can be the most fun, and from this week I can tell you that I might be a little bit more of a ‘wild child’ in my future endeavors. Let’s see what I got up to!

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