Favourites Friday: Street of Red Sleeping Pizzas Again

Favourites Friday

It’s our favourite day of the week: Favourites Friday!

This week has gone by in a blur. From working to spending time with my boo to just getting everything finished as August comes to a close and I get ready for vacation, it’s hard to have had time to think straight. But this week’s favourites have been pretty spectacular, if I say so myself, so let’s check them out!

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Movie Monday: Morgan's Recommendations

Movie Monday

Who’s ready for Movie Monday? I know I am!

Because I love movies I’m always looking for new recommendations that will keep my cinephile brain pleased. And I’m sure there are lots of people who are exactly the same. One of the best parts of film is getting to share it with others! That’s why I thought I’d share with you all some films that I recommend everyone watch. Trust me, you’ll be filling your Netflix at-home queue in no time!

Morgan’s Movies, ala Recommendations You’ll Definitely Watch

Notting Hill

Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant do a fantastic job of playing off one of the most interesting romances I’ve seen in so long. Julia Roberts basically plays herself (famous movie actress) and Hugh Grant plays the owner of a small travel bookshop in Notting Hill. Watching their romance grow and face many issues (mostly caused by Roberts’ character) is just fun, and Grant’s roommate is hilarious. Classic British film and definitely worth a watch.Read More