Balance Your Work & Personal Life

One of the biggest struggles in adult life is finding a balance between working and a personal life. It’s too easy to overlap the two, and a pain to separate them.

how to find a work life balance

I’ve really struggled with balancing my work life and my personal life in the last few months. Putting work first is too easy, and focusing on my own life and my own needs has become a back burner hobby. And that’s something that needs to change.

Here are some of the first steps I’ve taken to creating a healthy work/life balance:Read More

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How to Balance Everything But Your Checkbook

It’s that time of year again.

From school to work to social life to running all my little projects, I’m swamped with just about everything. And when that happens, life looks pretty bleak. You have no motivation and nothing gets done – resulting in life being a big, fat 0.

But that’s where balancing comes in! The best way to pull yourself away from that bleak lack of motivation is to balance everything in a way it all seems approachable. I have become a pro at coming up with tips that make balancing everything easier and more effective, meaning less work! Because the best you is the most relaxed you.Read More

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The Trick to Balancing Life (And Still Getting Sleep)

The first thing I was told about college life was that you had to choose between your social life, your school work, and your sleep schedule. And you can only choose two. Which do you choose?

I’ve recently had to start balancing my life. I was pretty content with doing my school work and getting eight hours of sleep. But then life happens and suddenly I had a lot more things on my schedule and I had to balance them to make all of it work. And this past week I’ve truly learned the lesson of balance.

It’s hard to dedicate time and energy towards everything that deserves your time and energy. And so you have to prioritize and schedule everything to make it work. I gave this all a lot of thought this morning (eating eggs while cuddling my guinea really helps with the whole “contemplate life” thing) and here is my list of aspects of life that deserve life and energy and how to balance it all.

Morgan Balances Her Life
(But Still Can’t Finish Desperate Housewives)

School work

We all know that school work is incredibly important as a student. And in university you’re basically paying to do it! This is a priority in the highest and deserves a lot of your time and energy. I find the best way to make sure that I am giving the right amount to my school work is to make a schedule of when my work is due and when I want to actually do the assignment. For my Econ quizzes due Tuesday and Thursday I do them Monday and Wednesday. For my journalism projects due on Sunday I make sure to have a little bit of the project done each day to keep the work from piling up. Having that schedule makes sure that I know what I’m doing, and I’m getting things done each day, and it doesn’t all pile up and keep me from other aspects of my life.Read More

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The Best Life You Can Live, in the Simplest Way

I constantly hear people complain about not being able to have a balanced, healthy lifestyle because it’s so hard. And I’m not saying that it’s easy, but it takes a lot less effort than trying to find the cure for cancer.

I am not the perfect role model for a perfectly balanced lifestyle. But I’m trying. And in my journey to being a healthy person, I’ve found some ways that aren’t very hard and make me feel healthy and happy. I used to think that being a balanced person seemed so difficult. Now that I’m trying to be that person, I’ve found that it’s so simple that it’s ridiculous. You don’t have to get a gym membership or join Nutrisystem. It’s all about taking what you have and modifying it to ensure your health.

Balancing Your Life, the Easy Way

  • Get active. If you have a treadmill at home or at your local fitness center, go use it. Walk a mile or two every day. It’s the perfect way to get up and feel like you are doing something first thing in the morning. Also, you can get fitness apps for your iPod or smart phone that will keep you in shape. A personal favorite of mine is the Daily Workouts apps, as they fit every area of fitness, plus have a really great yoga app that I love using.Read More
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Give & Take

A popular acting exercise is called Give & Take. In it, two actors take the stage. One actor performs in a way of their choosing and the other does not move, ‘giving’ the stage to their partner. After a considerable amount of time the motionless actor begins to move and the other actor freezes, called the ‘taking’ of the stage.

Give & Take also applies to friendship. Letting your friend cry on your should is giving the stage. Ranting about your Physics teacher is taking the stage.

To have a good relationship with someone there has to be a considerable amount of Give & Take. In a relationship where one takes too much, or even gives too much, there cannot be a balance and it can strain the relationship. To have a relationship where everyone feels equal, there needs to be a balance.

A great example of a friendship with no balance

I have given too much (listened to my friends’ problems but not shared my own, given them answers to a homework assignment but don’t ask for help on my own, doing favors for them but never asking for reciprocation, etc.) and I have taken too much (complained about my life without listening to others problems, asked for favors but have never done any, expected help with assignments but have never shared my answers, etc.)

A friendship is important. And to maintain it, Give & Take is essential. If you friendship is not balanced, make it. If you are more of a giver, ask a friend to pick up your dry cleaning for an experiment. If you are more of a taker, call a friend and ask if there is anything they want to talk about. Creating a good balance will keep your friendship exactly where it needs to be, with no one feeling like they are doing more than their fair share.

Do you agree with me? Or do you think that a balance doesn’t matter? Put your thoughts in the comments.

PS: get prepared for a huge change coming to the blog soon! It’s going to rocket us into 2012 and show how much I’ve matured since I was 15.