Whatever Wednesday: Your Back-to-School Shopping List

Whatever Wednesday

It’s Whatever Wednesday! And the whatever we’re talking about this Wednesday is back to school shopping!

Back to school shopping is my favourite kind of shopping. School supplies are the absolute best. And after being in school for over a decade, I know a thing or two about a school notebook or two. That’s why I’m going to give you my guide to the best things to have with you this semester so you’re on top of your school game, whether you’re in middle school, high school, or a university goof like me.

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Back-to-School Quiz

For some of you, you may have just finished your first week of school. Which means that in a short period of time you’ve had a lot of information to process. And with all this information, you are sure to forget it all by the time you spend your weekend frolicking in the sun and come back on Monday. So I’ve devised a little quiz to see how you’ve really learned this week and whether you’re reading for the rest of the school year.

You walk into your Honors English class. What is your teacher’s name?
A. Mrs. Smith
B. Mrs. S-something
C. Mrs. English?
D. There’s a teacher in that class?

It’s third period. What class do you have?
A. Gym. And then I have Algebra.
B. It’s either English or Physics, I know that.
C. Let me check my schedule real quick.
D. Uh, I forgot my schedule. I have no clue.

You feel sick. Where do you go?
A. Health center
B. My best friend’s drug store-esque backpack
C. I’m just going to suffer quietly in pain
D. Home. I want my mommy’s chicken soup

Cynthia asks you what the Government homework was. You…
A. pull out your handy planner and look.
B. look at your hand where it’s scribbled.
C. turn around and ask Jim.
D. say, “Homework? Uh, yeah, I don’t do that stuff.”

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Back to School…Again

Well, once again, the holidays are over and the celebrations have ceased. But that doesn’t mean we get to cool down for a little bit. No, we get to go to school.

Now, I actually like school. Sure, I’d rather be with my friends at the local hang out spot, drinking cappuccinos and gossiping over who’s dating who. But when it’s something as mandatory as school, I guess you just have to go with it, if not accept it.

Today was my first day back. Nothing special. I got to see my friends ( almost all of which I had seen about two days ago) and finally take that Biology test that I’ve been waiting three weeks to finally get over with.


Now, to be perfectly honest, going back to school on the third day of the year is a horrible idea. I mean, who wants to be stuck inside while there is perfectly good snow on the ground, you still want to play with the games and new laptop your grandma bought you, and you seriously need to catch up on the sleep you haven’t gotten because you’ve been partying with friends. Maybe if we went back to school on the twelfth or something. That’s something I’m sure everyone would agree with. By then you are so sick of your family, and partying, and doing nothing all day that you want to go back to school!

So, what’s your opinion? The 3rd or the 12th? Leave your answer in the comments!

Anyway, for all of you still-in-schoolers out there, enjoy your time back in school and for those out of school, don’t say anything. 🙂 And since I’m back in school, the content here will get funnier, be rowdier, and possibly more dangerous than ever before. So watch out and subscribe, because you never know what you’ll see here on Teenage Enthusiasm.

Well, off to do homework. (Seriously, who has homework on the first day back? That is so not right)

Love love love,