It’s Like an Anniversary With My House

Today is a milestone in my life. I have officially lived in the same place for 4 years.

My entire life it has been 3 years and so many months and then we leave. And now I’ve lived in the same town and had the same friends (give or take a few people) for 4 years. And it’s brought something out in me.

I used to compare my life to that of an army brat. You know, the kid that gets their life uprooted every year or so. But I realize that in ways my situation was worse. Instead of just moving and not really making relationships, I made those relationships, made connections, and then had to be painfully pulled away. And in my opinion, that just sounds worse.

I love my life now. I used to always resent moving and having to change schools, friends, and towns. But it has morphed me into the person that I am now. And to that I am thankful to my parents. If my father hadn’t thought that changing jobs and moving to different towns would be good for me and my brother, who would I be? I definitely wouldn’t be the independent, thoughtful young woman I am today. So, to my parents who I hope read this, thank you for just being the sort of parents who did everything with me in mind. I love you two.

I’m getting a bit teary now, so I guess I should probably bid my adieu. It’s been a lovely 8 months with all you readers. And I hope we can continue this…thing we have.