What's On My iPhone 2015

A while back I did a What’s On My iPhone post. But that was 2012 and iOS 8 wasn’t even out. Here in 2015 I have a new phone, a new iOS, new apps, and…let’s just make it simple and say new everything. That’s why I thought today was the perfect day to share with you how my iPhone has developed since 2012. And how much prettier iOS 8 is.

*Note: I will not include apps that come with the Apple iOS.

Apps, Taps & Maps: Morgan’s iPhone

First off, the phone case I am using is Rifle Paper Co’s Russian Rose iPhone 5/5S Inlay Case. The background is from Pinterest.Read More

The Best Productivity Apps for Your Life

Hi y’all! How are you? You’re looking quite beautiful today. I quite like the way you’ve done your hair, you should keep it that way.

About a month ago I got a new phone (yay! it’s awful because I no longer can use my old phone cases, it’s devastating) and that means it’s time to experiment with new apps and such as I play around. And by experimenting with new apps I mean downloading every productivity app and just seeing which ones I like/look the prettiest. This being said, I’ve become a bit of an expert with productivity apps and that means that I must share my expertise with you guys. So, I’ve compiled the best productivity apps for various reasons that I think you should all consider purchasing!

Morgan’s List for Being the Most Productive App Owner Ever

For the Swiper

Clear – $4.99 iPhone

Most of the use of an iPhone is swiping from screen to screen. You swipe to get into your phone, you swipe to get to different apps, and you swipe to change your Instagram filter. And with Clear (which I’ve probably mentioned about a million times) it’s all about swiping! You can swipe your tasks left or right to complete or delete them, you can shift them around to rearrange, and it comes it lots of pretty colour themes! I’ve been using Clear for years and I’ll continue to!Read More

What's on My iPhone?

Last January my phone completely freaked out on me. So I had to buy a new one to be able to keep up with phone calls and texts from work and friends. I’d been saving up for a while and bought myself an iPhone 4, an expensive but completely worth it choice. Over the last 9 months, I’ve gone through hundreds of apps, trying to find the perfect ones. Actually, at one point, I made a post about my favorite apps (which you can read here) but with time comes new apps and new favorites. With this said, I thought I would give you all a full account of what apps I have and which ones I really do recommend for someone with as much going on as I. Who knows, you might even find an app you’re totally in love with!

Screen 1 of my iPhone

Read More

My Apps

Since I bought an iPhone last January, I’ve bought a good number of apps. I like apps for school, for games, for blogging, for anything really. And through the many apps I’ve gone through, I have found some of my favorites and I want to share them with you!


Clear – the best to-do list app I have ever used! Add, delete, and check off items with the quick swipe of your finger. And it comes in different colors!
Moleskine – a great little notebook app. Add notebooks and change the font, add pictures, or include sketches.
AwesomeNote – I just started using this one for my upcoming blog remodel. Make notebooks and fill them with different pages, from to-do lists to diary pages. Great for any type of note you want to make!
Evernote – great for anyone who is all about business. Create pages in personalized notebooks that can hold all of your notes. Text notes, audio notes, picture notes, even adding your location to your notes.


Twitter – although they’re lots of apps for Twitter, I like the original Twitter app the best. It’s simple and let’s me look through tweets quickly, see my mentions easily, and is just really easy to use.Read More

Nerd Post #1 – Apple Apps

For all of you with your iPod Touches,and your iPhone, and your fancy schmany iPads you know exactly what I am talking about. Apps.

Apps are these little applications you can get for your iPod Touch, iPhones and iPad. There are millions of them, each with different little actions for you to use it.

Now, the reason this is a Nerd Post is because this is something that when Apps came out, all of the nerds in the world got on their knees and thanked God. Below are some of my favorite Apps that I use and that you should too because they are so flippin’ cool.

iStudiez – iStudiez is an App for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. It’s function is to keep your schedule and organize all that goes with it. Within your day, you can have your classes, appointments, etc. And with those you can put your assignments, notes and calendar for upcoming events. This App has truly saved my life several times.

image ALL-IN-ONE LOGIC GAME BOX – This App is a game that will continue to keep your entertained. I like it because it’s not just one game, but several games all pushed into one App. When I’m sitting in a really long lecture or even just sitting around the house, this App will be on for hours while I play each game and never get bored.

image TONEPAD – TonePad will keep all ages entertained. And it’s super basic to use too. All you have to do is tap the dots you want highlighted and the App just plays music based on the dots you have highlighted. I especially enjoying having it when I am babysitting, as I just have to shove my iPhone under their noses and they are happy for hours. But it really is a cool little device.

image FRUIT NINJA – If you enjoy fruit and cutting things, this is your App. The basic idea is to slash the fruit quicker than your opponent or your highest score. It’s pretty simple stuff but so much fun to play. Personally, I enjoy playing it on iPad best.


WORDPRESS – So, since I am on a WordPress site, I thought I should definitely get all of you hooked onto this App like I am. Since I am always not near my laptop since I do have a life and cannot carry it with me everywhere, I do have to post for all of you.And with this little App, I can write blog posts and publish them, put up pictures of anything and everything, and even look at comments. It makes blogging a on-the-go thing and I can write about getting my Starbucks while in Starbucks. Yay!

image And those are all of my absolute favorite Apps! Other interesting ones are Facebook, Angry Birds, Bump, Labelbox, Tap Tap Revenge 4, and Unblock Me. Thank you so much for reading and have fun downloading your Apps.


P.S. If you would like to see any of your ideas for Nerd Post, please e-mail them to mo425@q.com.