Favourites Friday No.96

The weekend is almost here! Which means in less than 48 hours I will be moved into my new apartment and using a stove that was made more recently than 1970!

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Decorating Tips for College Living

Living on a college budget and still having a beautifully decorated space is one of life’s biggest challenges. I understand skrimping pennies, but I also believe a gorgeous home boost happiness and productivity. So why not save money and have a beautiful home?

Living with great decor is a lot easier than imagined, and it doesn’t have to come with a designer’s budget to pull it off. Simply choosing pieces that look high end, or using a great deal of creative designing, can easily make your tiny dorm/apartment space look amazing. And you won’t need to eat ramen the rest of the week!

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First Apartment Starter Pack

It’s move-in season!

Things are insane around my apartment complex from people moving in and out. My new roommate is moving in soon (can’t wait!) and it’s time for everyone to know exactly what to bring to your [first] apartment so that you’re ready to go!

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Thought Thursdays 4: Welcome to My Crib, MTV

Everyday Enthusiasm Day 25: Thought Thursday

Thought Thursdays

Okay, I know this is late in the day, but I promise I have not forgotten about today’s post! I just moved into my new apartment and adjusting (plus bonding with my roommates) is a process that isn’t just going to happen overnight. That said, I spent today getting some photos of my trĂ©s chic apartment for y’all. And because it’s Thought Thursday, you all (yes, you the the amazing reader) get to review my apartment and living choices. Let’s go!

MTV, This is My Crib

This is mostly just a thing of pictures (yep, how exciting) but I’ll commentate. Yes, that does mean more of my awful awkward commentary. How exciting!

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