Healthy Hair Care Routine

About a year ago I started to not wash my hair every day. While I’ve had a lot of slip-ups due to moving and a big change in my daily schedule, I’ve switched back to washing every other day and my strands have never felt healthier.

healthy hair care routine

About a month ago I noticed my ‘do was more frizzy than ever. I did some research and saw that it was likely due to my ends getting dried out, especially from the hotter weather and constant washing. Which was no bueno.Read More

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Favourites Friday #72: Hair-y Styles

It has been quite the week for me. First there was turning 22 (yes, I have officially become the butt of a Taylor Swift song) and then there was preparing for a big meeting that I would give a 8/10. Out of all of this excitement, I’m ready for a nice big nap and some gluten-free cupcakes.


But with all of these big things going on, I’ve got to be ready for photos and seeing lots of people in person. So my hair needs to be in tip top shape! That’s why I am sharing my favourite hair products for keeping my hair beautiful no matter what I’ve got going on.Read More

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Favourites Friday #12

Since the last Favourites Friday I have done a lot of traveling. In total it’s been around 7 hours of driving in about four days. Which means my skin is drying out, my hair is frizzy, and, oh, my bum is more numb than a kid on novacaine.

It’s so nice to finally be home for the holidays (despite the small dinosaur of a puppy following me around) and I’m recovering from how much travel takes out of the body. Travel is not easy on the body and everyone knows it. Whether it’s a creaky neck or dessert-level cuticles, when you’re traveling it’s important to have a toolbox of products that will save your appearance so you still look as fly in Dubai as you did in the USA.

This week’s Favourites Friday features the products that saved me this week while going from city to city. And hopefully you’ll find a few to add to your own travel kit!Read More