The Process of a Real Life Plot Line

Writers know that plot line is what makes a story interesting. Isn’t the same true of real life too?

Plot line is what drives a story. It’s what motivates characters to do things, what the journey of their life entails, and where the story begins and ends. The plot line is the story. And this applies to just about everything, especially our own “mundane” human lives.

I put mundane in quotation marks not because I am pretentious and use quotes to seem cool, but because our lives are anything but mundane. Despite not skydiving everyday and watching TV being our favourite pastime, each person has a fascinating plot line to their own life. I know, it surprises me too. I spent two weeks watching every episode of Law & Order: SVU.

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Meet Teenagers, the Best Generation Yet

Sophomore year of high school I was in a production of “A Comedy of Errors” at the local community college. There were five other high school students and everyone else was either in college or an adult.

Many of my memories from the experience were from the many laughs we had during rehearsals and the great experience of being in a large production. However, these memories are marred by the rude comments some of my fellow actors made towards the high school crowd. They called us immature and many other titles that I have blocked from my brain. What they did was unprofessional and rude and, to be honest, a waste of their breath because teenagers are awesome.

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