How to Take Care of Yourself as an Adult

So, you’re probably wondering where I’ve been for the past week considering I haven’t been posting.

I’ve been so caught up with work and making lovely new friends (!!) and general life stuff that I forgot to take care of myself and ended up with a nasty cold/headache situation that left me with no energy and a penchant for comfort food and movies. It doesn’t sound that bad, but I can’t remember the last time my head wasn’t hurting.

This misfortune was a blessing in disguise, as it reminded me that self care as an adult is very important. It’s easy to take on too much – even fun stuff – and forget that keeping yourself healthy is also a priority. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of easy ways to take care of yourself before you get a cold/headache situation, or worse.Read More

What It's Actually Like to Be Post-Grad

Is post-grad life all it’s cracked up to be?

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As a recent graduate of the University of Oregon, I spent three years counting down the moments until I was done with homework and tests for life. That’s right, I even graduated early so I wouldn’t have to deal with four years of it.

And after all my hard work and stressed out nights, here I am in the post-grad life. Is it everything I thought it was? Yes and no.Read More

Happy 2013! I’m 2!

Welcome to another year! As said in the title of this post, not only is it 2013, but Teenage Enthusiasm is TWO YEARS OLD!

We’ve had fun these last two years, laughing, crying, wondering why we keep coming back to this blog even though Morgan is slightly mental. And this year I’m excited to keep on the tradition of continuing to entertain and share what teenage enthusiasm is: living my life.

This year is going to be the most unique one yet. Mostly because in 2013 three very exciting things are happening.

  1. I’m turning 18

  2. I’m graduating high school

  3. I’m starting university

All of this means that I’ll have even more insane stories to share with you, more life experience, and you get to all experience it with me. I feel that we’ve all become pretty close friends on this here blog, which is something I am eternally grateful for, I have a feeling that this year will be my year, and I just can’t wait to share it with you!

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