My Acne-Free Skin Routine

Growing up as a victim of acne, my skin has never been something to be fond of. Teen acne turned into adult acne, and nearly a decade later I’m still in a constant war of clear skin and even skin tone.

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The World's Most Amazing Face Masks For Perfect Skin

My skin is a battle I am losing 95% of the time.

After my skin completely clearing up in June for graduation, I moved home for a little over a month and the damage was even worse than before. Think: Permanent M&M-sized pimple on cheek for six weeks with babies.

Five weeks later and my skin is almost back to its former glory. Each day it gets a little better and it’s all because of face masks. Yes, I cleanse and use toner and moisturize, but we all know the real culprit for getting rid of pesky spots is face masks. I have tried high end to drugstore and I have found the masks that truly take your skin from pimple disaster to gradation day sans foundation.

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e.l.f. cosmetics

Those Little Red Dots

Acne! One word that everyone on the planet hates. Name one person who like their acne and I’ll give you a Range Rover.

My mom likes to squeeze pimples. I’ve never understood why. Personally, I just find the best acne-eraser and pray that they go away quickly. And of course, when they don’t, I get stressed and end up with even more acne. It’s like a circle.

I think acne commercials are hilarious. First off, Proactiv did not work for me. Neither did Clean & Clear or any of those other commercialized products. It wasn’t until I went to go see my dermatologist (who stretches my skin when he looks at it) that I finally got any help with those dots. So, if you’re having trouble maintaining your acne and are spending money on products that don’t work, use that money instead to go see a dermatologist who can give you stuff that works for your skin. It is definitely some of the best money I’ve ever spent. Or my parents for that matter. 🙂

How does one get to be on an acne commercial? Do you just say to someone, “I have really terrible acne.” and they go call up Proactiv’s headquarters and suddenly you’re in a commercial? If it was that easy, I’m sure people would stop washing their faces just so that they could have 5 minutes of fame.

Thank you for reading my lovelies. Below is a video from one of the funny people on the internet (charlieissocoollike) all about acne.