An Enthusiastic Day in the Life

One thing I love about being in my early twenties is that my life is constantly changing. A year ago I was in school, living with a group of girls and trying to cram homework and socializing in whenever I could. Six months ago I was living at home with my parents spending most of my day dogsitting our enormous Labrador puppy. And now I’m working full-time and living in suburban Portland.

Lots of change.

A Day in the Life

With all these changes I have watched my daily routine change. It’s interesting to see how I arrange my schedule around what life is throwing around me to still accomplish everything I need to and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

Today I thought I would share my daily routine in order to get everything done, while still enjoying my youth.Read More

Whatever Wednesday: A Day in the Life

Whatever Wednesday

It’s Whatever Wednesday! This is slowly becoming my favourite day of the week (Wednesday was already my favourite) because I can do whatever I want! And today I thought I’d do something I haven’t for a while: A day in the life.

A day in the life is one of those things that are just kind of fun to read. To find out how other people live is just interesting. And that’s why I’m doing an updated summer version so you guys know how I’m spending these long summer days.Read More