Morgan's Year in Review

As 2014 comes to a close, it’s popular for everyone to share what happened to them this year. And because sometimes I go with the flow, I’m going to do that too! As the year has progressed I’ve written down the cool/important/funny things that have happened to me, and now I’m ready to share them with you! Let’s see my 2014!

Morgan’s 2014: A Year of Insanity, Hilarity, and So Many Concerts

1. That Church Fainting Episode

There’s nothing like going into a Catholic church (as a non-Catholic) on Good Friday and fainting dramatically twenty minutes into Mass. Yep, big noise, knocked over a chair, and bonked my head. At least “the spirit was flowing through me,” as my dad said.

2. Hello 19, It’s Lovely to Be Here

I welcomed my 19th year of life on this planet. I learned a lot since I turned 18¬†and I’ve definitely decided that 19 is my favourite age so far. I look forward to seeing all that it brings until my birthday next spring.Read More