Farewell 2012

In approximately 11 hours, I will be in a new year. I will have left behind all the great, all the bad, and all the awkward of 2012. However, before I leave it all behind, I want to celebrate what a fantastic year it was.


2012 marked the second year of Teenage Enthusiasm, and what a year it’s been. I was Freshly Pressed for the second time, and I can’t even begin to express my thanks for that. Blogging has been my way of life for, well, almost two years now. Tomorrow. I’ve met so many amazing people through my time on here, and had the opportunity to connect with all of you. Had you asked me on December 31, 2010 if I thought I’d be on the internet, meeting thousands of people who read what I write, I’d have told you that you must have me confused with someone else. And yet here I am, more thankful than I could ever express.

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Blessed Be My Name


As you may know, it’s Thanksgiving here in the U.S. That means food, football, and family. I am looking forward to eating massive amounts of turkey and watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. However, as great as the food and television specials are, the best part of Thanksgiving is reflecting on all the blessings you have.


One of the big problems people have is noticing everything wrong with their life. No money, no boyfriend, no job, no perfect waistline. We dwell so much on the negative that we forget to step back and remember what makes our life great. Some lists may be long, while others short. But no matter the length, there is always a blessing in your heart.

What I Am Thankful For (2012 Edition)


Earlier this year I lost my best friend, my dog Dutch. While adjusting to this major change, I am so lucky to have had my family with me. They have kept me strong and I couldn’t ask for better people in my life. And my extended family, they are the best support system anyone could ask for. Never have I started a project that wasn’t 100% supported by them. I am so fortunate to have these amazing people related to me.


God blessed me with a good group of mates. My friends are goofy and loud and ridiculous as they ever are, but when I really need them, they are caring people with my best interests at heart. All I’ve ever really wanted in friendship is people who I know will go out of their way to put a smile on my face and who I feel I would do the same for them. And I’ve found them and I feel so lucky.

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My October Playlist

For me getting up in the morning, before I go to sleep, getting dressed, and doing homework are not fully complete unless I have music playing. And during certain parts of the year, the right music is key to getting in the spirit.

October is such a great month and the start of fall where I live. It’s getting colder, so I can wear as many sweaters as I please, and I’m really excited! However, I cannot truly start my morning unless I have the correct music to boost my spirits up before a dreary day at school. So, without further ado, here is my playlist for October 2012.

Rumour Has It – Adele

Bye Bye Baby – Bay City Rollers

The Writer – Ellie Goulding

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2012 Playlist

Grab your iPod and scroll through your playlists. You probably have ones for working out, getting dressed in the morning, in the car, etc. Playlists are those lists of music that fit the mood or pump you up. And for 2012, you need to have a playlist.

This is the year of preparation, or at least for me. In this year I will be starting to prepare for my future. In a month I’ll be turning 17. In a few months I’ll be getting . This summer I’ll be deciding which universities I want to apply to. At the end of this year, applications will be sent in and the wait for acceptance will begin. It’s the year of preparation and therefore it needs the perfect music to help me get through it.

But what is on the playlist for 2012? Music that keeps me going through hard exam study sessions, that helps me finish scholarship essays, and inspires me to live up life because you only live once! And it’s lively and fun and good music to listen to. Here is the Top 15 Countdown to the 2012 Playlist. At 15…

15. Something Good Can Work
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5 Movies You Need to See

I’m always babbling on about movies, but it’s for good reason. Movies can teach lessons, relate to your personal life, and can just perk you up when you are feeling your lowest. And this year, 2012, lots of movies based off of books are coming out. And, well, I want to see them.

1. The Perks of Being a Wallflower. My absolute favorite book and I’m really excited for when it comes out. Expect it to be out in the middle of this year. So excited!

2. The Hunger Games. Based off the best-selling book, this action movie will be sure to keep you on your toes when it comes out in March. Going to be a big hit I can tell!

3. The Great Gatsby. Another adaption of the ‘20s classic, this one is sure to get all the glitz and glam of the era. Get ready for a Christmas treat when it comes out in December! Can’t wait to go to the premiere!

Image of The Vow

4. The Vow. An adorable movie to go with the adorable book of this true story, I know I’ll be crying when I see it. It comes out in February, so you won’t have to wait long!

Image of Dr. Seuss' The Lorax

5. The Lorax. We haven’t been disappointed yet with a Dr. Seuss film and I’m sure this one won’t either. Get ready for lots of tree-cutting fun with this one in March.

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To a Good 2012

Happy New Year!

This New Years is especially special. It is Teenage Enthusiasm’s one year anniversary! What a milestone, huh?

The whole thing about new years and anniversaries and even just getting older is that we want to improve. We want to become even better than previous years. That’s why we make New Year’s resolutions. And I’m no different. I want to become bigger and better than I was in 2011. I want to be HUMUNGOUS!

Most resolutions are health-related. Wanting to lose weight, eat healthier, stop smoking, etc. But some resolutions are completely different. Some people want to publish their manuscript. Or start their own cupcake business. Personally I believe that a person should have a mix of the two. Like quitting alcohol and learning a new language.

The hardest part of making a resolution is keeping it, as any person who has made a resolution can tell you. It’s unfortunate, yes, but it can happen if you aren’t motivated enough. So I guess the true success (though not for every resolution) is self-motivation. If you are in it for the gold, the likeliness of you accomplishing your resolution goal is very high.

I hope you have a fantastic 2012!

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Challenges of this Year

2011 has been a challenging year. With the recession being at it’s zenith and unemployment slowly getting better, it’s a wonder we survived it all. Especially after ‘The Rapture’ was supposed to happen.

You all deserve a round of applause. Really. Everyone has gone through their struggles this year, some easier than others I’m sure, and to have made it this far, to December 29th, that’s an accomplishment. You didn’t jump off a building when your house was foreclosed. You didn’t hang yourself on the closet when you couldn’t get financial aid. Whatever it was, you are here now and I’m proud of you.

Now, because I am writing this, I only know my own personal struggles. And compared to others, I’m sure mine are nothing. But to me, they are something and affected me. And they will always help shape who I am and make me stronger and when I feel like I am about to collapse with the world on my shoulders, I remember what I’ve gone through and I push on through.

My biggest struggles this year have been:

  1. My dog’s tumors. Watching my dear Dutch get tumor after tumor has been difficult for me. I know this life is dwindling and I’m really trying to come to terms with it. It’s been very, very difficult.
  2. School. I took my first two AP classes this year and it’s been taking a toll with my other honors and such classes.

Life isn’t supposed to be easy. I believe as we all grew up our parents reminded us that every time we said, “But it isn’t fair!” I got that a lot when I was a kid. And what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

I hope you are all looking to ending 2011 and starting 2012 on a good foot. We’re faced our challenges and now have to raise our shields and battle through yet another year. But I know we can do it if we stick together.

Looking forward to writing for you for another year!