Portland, Oregon

Sweet Jam

This place is one of my favourite brunch spots. Have some Southern comfort food (try the Country Biscuits!) and enjoy your food with live jazz music.

Watson Hall

My bosses took me here and not it’s where I take people for fancier lunches. The food is phenomenal and the place feels inherently Portland, despite being right off Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway.


Yes, I know there are like tons of Benihanas around the globe, but I feel like since I went to the Portland one I have to mention it. This restaurant is seriously cool!

Chang’s Mongolian Grill

I love stir fry and nothing is quite as fun as getting to make your own and then watch a chef cook it! The food here was spectacular and I like that they have the option to add salmon to your stir fry.

Pho King Good

I didn’t know how much I love pho (pronounced fu) until I tried it. And it’s great! Pho King Good also has great tea, I recommend it!


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