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The Question:

Morgan & Ella,

My name is Zoha and I need your help! I have a cousin who is about 5-6 years older than me. I have a huge crush on him!  I suspect he has one on me as well…He laughs a lot on my silly and stupid jokes, compliments me on my clothes and stares at me when I pass him. He is very friendly! Once me and him and my little brother were watching a movie on his laptop. I accidently leaned against his knee. I  thought he would push me way but he left me. I don’t think he has a crush or not! I am too shy to ask or even bring it up in a conversation! I cant help not liking him as he is very dreamy…I don’t what to do! I am shortly going abroad and I will come sometimes to visit him. I want to know if he likes me or not…I don’t want my family to know either…If I write a note he might read it and throw it somewhere where somebody can read it…I am toooooo shy to talk to him about it…Wtf shall I do? I have seen that you both are awesome at these things! Can you please give me a quick reply too?

Thanks so much! ❤

Zoha xoxoxox

The Advice:


As I said in my earlier reply to your comment on the blog, as a moral person I cannot recommend you dating your cousin. Even if you feel a connection, it is not okay to date your cousin, especially one with such a significant age difference. I would recommend telling your cousin to stop treating you flirtatiously and maybe trying to move on with other boys or even just focusing on your friends for distraction. It is always nice to be treated well and feel special, but that kind of behavior between cousins is not acceptable.

I hope I’ve helped.


Seems like you are in a tricky situation. Now although I am not judging I’m going to be plain blunt with you, he IS your cousin, and while you guys are perfectly fine to like each other, it becomes tricky about dating, you can’t really date you cousin. But as far as your question goes, the things that he is displaying may very well just be him being nice to you as you guys are family, but if you genuinely think that he likes you. I think it is best to ask him. now i know that feels and sounds scary but if you either talk to him face to face, call him on the phone, text him or even write him a letter and just say, I know we are cousins, but I think I have a crush on you. And I think you have one on me to:)
If he is your cousin this should be something that shouldn’t be awkward.
Hope I’ve helped.
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